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How Gooroo tutors teach Spanish

  • They assess learning focus and goals

    At the first tutoring session, our Spanish Gooroo tutors will ask the student about what they would like to focus on and achieve through learning Spanish. Then, the Gooroo tutor will administer a short written and verbal exercise to determine the student’s Spanish level (only applicable to those with previous Spanish experience). Through this assessment, the tutor will be able to personalize lessons and homework for this specific student.

  • They adapt and personalize based on the student’s interests

    Our Gooroo tutors make learning enjoyable and effective by adapting based on the student’s context and interests. For example, some students want to spend their sessions chatting in Spanish with their Gooroo tutor, to improve their speaking and listening skills. In that case, the tutor would prepare exercises for a chat that’s related to a topic that the student is interested in, and use the chat to introduce new grammatical ideas and explain them to the student.

  • They make learning fun

    Our Gooroo tutors have all sorts of study tips for students. For example, for students that might be working and might not have a ton of time, one of our Spanish tutors recommend watching movies and TV in Spanish on Netflix, because students can not only hear Spanish, but see the associated facial expressions and movements. She selects the ones she likes the most and shares it with her students. If the student is a beginner, they can turn on English subtitles and follow along. For higher level students, they can watch with Spanish ones. Youtube videos are also useful! In addition to video content, she also recommends Spanish newspapers and children’s books.

We set the bar for education that is honest, caring, and sustainable.

Unlike other companies, we strive to be transparent, pay our tutors top rates, and give back to the community.

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What parents and students say

  • Gooroo has cared about the success of my child every step of the way—from ordinary test prep to the more challenging time of helping him catch up with schoolwork after suffering concussions. Gooroo cares and wants their students to succeed. Gooroo is a first rate test prep and tutoring company, but they have the time to personalize and care deeply about each student, always going the extra mile. They’re the kind of people you want educating your child.

    Martha McPhee

    (Mother of son in high school)

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