Board of advisors

  • Picture of Alex Mashinsky

    Alex Mashinsky

    Business Advisor & Angel Investor

    A 7X Founder who has accomplished over $3B exits. Alex is also the inventor of VOIP, which enables over 1B people to use free voice over the internet.

  • Picture of Ryan Baxter

    Ryan Baxter

    Education and Nonprofit Partnerships Advisor

    Founder of PASSNYC which works to expand access to specialized high schools and other educational opportunities.

  • Picture of Carolyn Disbrow

    Carolyn Disbrow

    Public Relations Advisor

    Senior Director of Brand Marketing at CNN, an expert in media relations, and a supportive Gooroo user.

  • Picture of Tony Lee

    Tony Lee

    Financial Strategy Advisor

    A pioneer in the financial sector, Tony’s vision has guided him to managing One Rock Capital Partners, a $1B+ private equity fund.

  • Picture of David Olk

    David Olk

    Business Operations and Strategy Advisor

    An M&A specialist and co-founder of ShopKeep, a Point of Sale SaaS business with over 30,000 clients.

  • Picture of Robert Frankfurt

    Robert Frankfurt

    Strategy Advisor and Angel Investor

    Founder of Myca Partners and former partner at Steel Partners Holdings L.P.

  • Picture of Phil Poppinga

    Phil Poppinga

    Business Operations Advisor

    An operations specialist that has excelled in the industry for 20+ years. Phil is also a proud Gooroo parent.

  • Picture of Dr. Victor Lawrence

    Dr. Victor Lawrence

    Engineering and Innovation Advisor

    An expert in communication technologies who holds more than 20 patents and industry leader as a former VP at Bell Labs.

  • Picture of Dr. Yun Choe

    Dr. Yun Choe

    Legal Advisor

    A Ph.D with a legal mindset who works with enterprise companies to make sound decisions and offer guidance.

  • Picture of Dr. M. Shane Tutwiler

    Dr. M. Shane Tutwiler

    Education Advisor

    A Harvard researcher who specializes in the design of lab-based instruction and STEM learning environments.