Get the membership plan that fits your learning needs


Book and meet with tutors perfect for you

$ 80 /hour

Starting at 4 hours a month

  • Unlimited tutor matching
  • Tutors come to you
  • Feedback after every session
  • Pause or cancel anytime


A hands-on approach where we take care of everything for you

All Standard benefits, plus:

  • Access to top tutors
  • Free diagnostics and practice tests
  • Dedicated Personal Learning Consultant
  • Customized learning plan and ongoing reports

Included in all plans

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    Perfect tutor matching
    • Guaranteed perfect matches
    • Tutors who fit your schedule
    • Tutors who tailor sessions to your specific learning needs
  • Icon of a ribbon with a check
    Fully-vetted tutors
    • Background-checked
    • Passed comprehensive interviews
    • 2+ years of teaching experience
    Learn more
  • Icon of a house
    Tutors come to you
    • Meet at your home
    • Meet at the library or any other public location of our choice
  • Icon of a report document
    Learning feedback
    • Recap and actionable feedback for every session
    • Insights into areas of improvement
    • Assessment of soft skills and learning styles
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    No commitment
    • Unused hours roll over
    • Change monthly hours anytime
    • Pause, or cancel anytime
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    • Use hours for 300+ subjects
    • Use hours for any tutor
    • Share hours with family members

What you’ll enjoy with Premium

For Premium members, we take a hands-on approach and take care of everything for you. No matter the situation, we’re committed to going the extra mile for your learning needs.

  • Icon of learning consultant with headeset
    Support, advice, and educational consulting
    • Free diagnostics and practice tests
    • Class, extracurricular, and college advising
    • Tailored learning plans
    • Regular progress reports and check-ins
    • Contact us anytime - you are prioritized
  • Icon of banner with 5+
    Access to our top tutors
    • 5+ years of teaching experience
    • Received degrees and/or accolades in their field of expertise
    • Experienced and caring mentors and role models
Picture of Liz and her Son.

The wonderful tutors you found for Jude instilled in him confidence and gave him a better grasp of the SAT. Also, you were terrific in calming my nerves and reducing stress levels. I appreciated you listening to my concerns. I will always refer Gooroo to anyone who asks me for a tutor recommendation.

- Liz S., NYC Parent

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a membership for tutoring? Why not one-time sessions?

    Membership creates commitment for regular sessions, which allow Gooroos to help students not only ace a subject, but also to learn skills needed to succeed on their own in the future. With this regular face to face time, Gooroos become mentors and role models, helping students become excited about learning and exploring different passions.

  • Is there a minimum commitment? What if I don’t like the tutor I’m matched with?

    In order to start your membership, you need to enroll in your first month. However, you can pause or cancel at anytime, and if you’re not satisfied with your first session with a Gooroo for any reason, we’ll give you a new match and session for free. If you’re still unsatisfied, we will refund your remaining hours.

  • What if my learning needs change?

    Your plan changes with you. If you need more or less hours, you can adjust your plan. If you want to learn a new subject, simply request a new match. If you want to take a break, simply pause and then resume your membership at anytime. Your account hours can be used by the whole family and for learning any subject.

  • How long are sessions?

    With our monthly membership, we allow you to determine how long you want your sessions to be. The majority of our sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes. Our minimum session time is 1 hour.

  • Why will my Gooroo match be different from other tutors?

    Since we believe that each student is unique, each student is personally matched with a perfect Gooroo that is not only an expert in their respective subject(s), but also can teach in a style that the student is receptive to and shares similar backgrounds and interests with the student.

  • How do you select your Gooroos?

    Gooroo vets our tutors rigorously. The application process includes providing us with verifiable credentials, experience, and knowledge expertise, and an on-site interview that includes skills-based exams and/or a mock tutoring session in one of their preferred subjects. Some of many qualifications we look for include prior teaching experience, GPA qualifications, teaching certifications, as well as scoring in the top 2 percentile in their respective test subjects.

    Learn more about how we vet our tutors

  • Which membership is right for me - Foundations or Premium?

    Foundations is a convenient, do-it-yourself membership that gives you access to match and book sessions with our expert tutors in 300+ subjects.

    Premium offers all the benefits of Foundations, with the added benefits of access to tutors with 5+ years of experience and personal, hands-on support through dedicated Personal Learning Consultants, who help you manage and understand your child’s learning progress and offer advice in all things learning-related. For example, a Premium parent might have a child who requires extra care and attention, needs a specific plan for college admissions or catching up in school, or wants help scheduling tutoring sessions or figuring out extracurricular activities.