How Gooroo works

  1. 1. Request a Gooroo tutor

    Tell us what you want to learn, and where and when you want to learn it. Let us know if you have any specific learning accommodations or needs.

  2. 2. Receive your personalized tutor match

    Our algorithm will match you with a tutor perfect for you or your child. You’ll have exclusive access to your tutor for a limited time.

  3. 3. Book and have a great first session - guaranteed!

    Book a session with your tutor and learn with them in person! If you’re not satisfied for any reason with your first session, get another match and session for free.

  4. 4. Receive feedback

    Receive feedback and actionable recommendations after each session from your tutor and each quarter from Gooroo to stay on track toward your goals.

How we are different

  • Get the tutor who is perfect for your child

    Our personalized matching process considers your child’s grade level, learning styles, and much more to connect them with the tutor who is qualified to teach them specifically.

  • Your own Personal Learning Consultant

    Your consultant is there to help parents eliminate stress and solve students’ issues, like helping you prepare for standardized tests or sending you important reminders.

  • Feedback that matters

    We provide reports you’ll actually want to read, from session recaps and advice to quarterly high-level reports. You’ll also learn about your child’s learning style and development of non-academic skills.

  • We take care of our tutors so they can take care of you.

    Thanks to our platform, Gooroo tutors don’t have to spend time on logistics or payment, and can spend their time focusing on helping your child improve.

What parents say about Gooroo...

  • Gooroo made it super easy to connect each of my daughters with their perfect tutor. The new membership platform encourages them to get help from their Gooroo tutors without hesitation and has developed a regular tutor/study regime.

    — Phil P. Father of two students learning math and English
  • My son Jonathan's robotics tutor Masuma is FANTASTIC! She is conscientious, prepared, patient and a great teacher!

    — Randi S. Mother of a middle school student learning robotics
  • Gooroo has been with us every step of the way, caring about the success of our child—from the first moments of ordinary test prep, to the more challenging time of helping our our son to get back on track academically after suffering concussions. Gooroo cares. This is personal for them.

    — Martha M. Mother of a high school student learning physics

Proud partners with

  • For each session you book with Gooroo, we donate one book to BFA to reduce education costs for African children.

  • We support underserved K-12 students with academic skills enhancement.

  • We provide diverse adults and families with continuing educational support.

  • Our expert tutors act as mentors and advisors to students in China looking to expand their English education.

  • Residents at Related buildings receive exclusive educational amenities by Gooroo.

  • We promote seniors’ well-being through language and culture programs.