Tutor with Gooroo and get paid for your expertise.

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    Receive great pay.

    Get paid fairly for your expertise. Top Gooroo tutors make more than $2,000 a month.

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    You’re in control.

    You choose when you want to teach and how much. We send you teaching opportunities that work around your schedule.

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    Enjoy benefits from our network.

    Enjoy free access to networking events and talks from experts in various fields. You’ve helped a lot of students, so let us help you with your career, too!

Tutoring in 4 steps

  1. Apply to teach

    Start an application online by telling us your favorite subjects to teach, levels you’d like to work with and your expertise. After you submit your application, we’ll invite you to Gooroo HQ for an interview if you’re the right fit!

  2. Set up your profile

    Download the Gooroo App to set up your profile. Tell students more about you, how you approach teaching and what makes you unique. Every detail helps us match you with the right students.

  3. Meet with students

    You've got a match! Now it's time to familiarize yourself with the curriculum and develop your specific session plan. It’s also helpful to adjust your approach to fit a student’s specific needs and learning styles to help them reach their goals.

  4. Give feedback and get paid

    We encourage you to communicate regularly with your students to make sure they’re processing what they’ve learned. The feedback you share after every session helps them do so. You’ll receive your payment once you submit the feedback!

Picture of Jonathan Poch

I’ve worked with Gooroo for a little over two years now and it’s been a pleasure. They’re definitely a tutoring service with the right ideas in mind and their team is full of great people passionate for education. The one thing I like most about Gooroo is how grounded they are as an organization - there’s a lot of transparency between tutors and management, and they often reach out to tutors for their opinions and feedback as improvements are constantly made.

Jonathan Poch