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How Gooroo tutors teach English Reading

Our Gooroo tutors teach with the goal of strengthening students’ reading skills, to produce learners who think critically and learn continuously.

  • Elementary School

    Gooroo tutors who teach reading to elementary schoolers do so with specific goals in mind. First, they assess how your child is doing in pronunciation, reading level, comprehension, and other proficiencies. Then, they’ll diagnose any issues that arise and develop a comprehensive plan with which the child will improve their reading skills. Sometimes, the Gooroo tutor will reach out to the elementary school teacher for additional insights into your child’s reading comprehension. Our experienced Gooroo tutors model and demonstrate effective cognitive strategies used by good readers when they read. In other words, they model the thinking that skilled readers engage while they attempt to decode a word, self-monitor for understanding, summarize while reading, or edit when composing. They might say things like, "watch me", or "let me demonstrate". Our Gooroo tutors also encourage the child to talk through problems in a conversation and answer questions that illuminate their thinking. Tip: It’s important, especially at this age, for the child to have access to a plethora of books they can read fluently, so they can continue practicing outside of sessions.

  • Middle and High School

    Gooroo tutors are able to assess the history of a student’s reading difficulties and identify the instruction gaps. For example, the teacher can look for evidence of the development of reading proficiency such as phonemic knowledge at the primary grades, background knowledge at grades three and four, and strategy knowledge at the upper grades. Our tutors use the reader’s strengths to approach and build the areas of difficulty. After assessment, our tutors will give the student personalized strategies to use, see which ones are most effective, and help them practice those strategies. Tip: Our Gooroo tutors are aware of common issues students struggle with in middle and high school reading, and as a result are able to empathize well with them!

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What parents and students say

  • Gooroo has cared about the success of my child every step of the way—from ordinary test prep to the more challenging time of helping him catch up with schoolwork after suffering concussions. Gooroo cares and wants their students to succeed. Gooroo is a first rate test prep and tutoring company, but they have the time to personalize and care deeply about each student, always going the extra mile. They’re the kind of people you want educating your child.

    Martha McPhee

    (Mother of son in high school)

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