The Learning Journey of a Gooroo Student

At Gooroo, we are proud to help students from all around the world. We understand that each student comes from a unique educational background that will lead them on an equal student learning journey. So, we want to share the different schools that our students have been admitted to or are currently attending.

Elementary and high schools

Whether it’s studying for exams like the SHSAT, SSAT, ISEE, or TACHS, or just brushing up on tricky school subjects, our students have worked with Gooroo to stay prepared and improve testing scores.

Colleges and universities

The college admissions process can be stressful both for students and parents! Our tutors work with students to help them with everything from their SATs and ACTS, college application essays, and beyond.

Our 5-year journey and what’s ahead

In the five years since Gooroo first began, it has been amazing to see so many of our students grow alongside us. This speaks to one of our core beliefs: a student’s journey to success doesn’t happen overnight. True learning and growth happens over years, or even a lifetime—it is not the kind of thing that can be crammed into a single session. Through our dedication to each and every student, we are able to provide an even more personalized approach to tutoring and student learning. 

We’re so proud to have students of all ages—but we’re also incredibly proud to have such a diverse population of students and tutors, operating nationally and internationally. While Gooroo’s headquarters (and first-ever office) is located in New York City, we recently just opened a second office in Shanghai. Gooroo is also in the midst of launching its third office in Jakarta! This expansion will allow us not only to reach more students but also to establish deeper connections with our students, which is one of our main goals.

Gooroo’s International Offices

Despite having just a few offices, we have tutors located in towns and cities all across the world. For those who don’t live within distance of a Gooroo tutor, we offer online tutoring sessions through our easy-to-use, virtual classroom, with the same level of expertise. By being accessible in this way, we are able to have an even more diverse student population. 

What’s Next For Gooroo

And now, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Gooroo is prepared to support its growing community through its new free project, Gooroo Live. With a wide range of subjects and topics, Gooroo Live offers a versatile approach to student learning. This free webinar series provides students with an effective virtual learning experience. Gooroo’s CEO and founder, Scott Lee, stated that “With the new challenges of students adjusting to online learning, we want to do our part to ensure no student falls behind…No student should suffer academically due to their financial situation.” Stay tuned for the launch of Gooroo Live!

At Gooroo, we understand that getting admitted to a school or university is only the first step of many in our students’ lives. This is not only pertaining to improving test scores. Our tutors go beyond simple coursework to ensure that students have the tools to thrive not just academically, but also as an individual who is integral to society. The confidence gained by students as a result stays with them beyond high school and college and inspires growth for years to come.

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Eshka-Ne Kumar

Eshka-Ne Kumar

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