Meet Gooroo’s Notable Investors

Gooroo is incredibly happy and fortunate to be backed by experienced and influential investors. These supporters and institutions have helped Gooroo continue to pursue its vision to reimagine learning by providing an accessible and honest education for all students. We’re excited to introduce to you our investors.


hana ventures

Hana Ventures

Hana Ventures is the corporate venture capital unit of Hana Financial Group. It is also the first finance company among subsidiaries of a Korean financial group to specialize in new technology financing. Hana Bank is the largest bank in Korea with a $383B fund.

michelson runway

Michelson Runway

Gooroo is proud to be a part of the Michelson Runway EdTech Accelerator program, which is the world’s first accelerator that focuses on supporting innovations in higher education and career training.

Steel Partners Holdings

Steel Partners Holdings, founded by Warren G. Lichtenstein, is a diversified global holding company with a combined revenue that is in excess of $1.6B.

The Living Fund

Robert Frankfurt founded Living Fund (previously Myca Partners, Inc.) in order to invest in small cap US-public and private companies.

One Thousand Angels

1000 Angels is an investor network lead by Eric Duignan (who is also a proud Gooroo parent). It has reinvented the traditional venture model and uses technology to connect high-quality founders with high-quality investors.

Morningside Venture Partners

Morningside Venture Partners is a New York City-based collective of leading investment professionals and business builders.


Alex Mashinsky

Alex is a 7X founder who has accomplished over $3B in exits. He is also the inventor of VOIP, which enables over 1B people to use free voice over the internet.

Kyung Han

Kyung is a co-founder of MIT OpenCourseware. He is also the co-founder of EmPower Research LLC and serves as its Managing Partner.

Rafael Espinoza

Rafael is the CEO and Founder of Universal Student Exchange (USE). USE sends over 3,000 students each year to the United States to work in entry-level positions.

James J. Lee

James is a Managing Director at Rockefeller Capital Management. He previously was a Director at Stifel Financial Corp.

Stratford Dennis

Stratford is a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs Equity Derivative. He is also a Board Member at Avon Old Farms Schools, and a proud Gooroo user!

Diane Kim

Diane is the Global President of Space Brands Limited (Manzanita Capital) and previous Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Estée Lauder Companies. She is also a proud Gooroo parent!

Alfonso Barros

Alfonso Barros is the Head of International Wealth Management at UBS.

Jonathan C. Kim

Jonathan is the Founder and Managing Partner at Redbadge Pacific, which is the Asia-Pacific arm of Redbadge, the U.S.-based family office of Robert L. Burch. He was previously the Founding Principal of Miya Capital.

David Wadler

David is the CEO and co-founder of Vendorful, a SaaS solution for strategic sourcing and vendor lifecycle management.

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