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  • Picture of James Chapman
    Picture of James Chapman
    Picture of James Chapman
    James dancing ballet with Columbia Ballet Collaborative

    James Chapman

    • Studying Math and Chemical Physics at Columbia University
    • Teaches Physics, Chemistry, and Math
    • Passionate about Ballet, Tennis, and Politics
    • Tutored for 5 years and 250+ hours with Gooroo

    “Every time I meet a new student my three main goals are always (1) to find the level at which they feel comfortable with the material, (2) engage the parent(s) in the process so they understand what their child is working on and (3) find ways to motivate the student to get them to want to learn more every session.”

  • Picture of Masuma Somji
    Picture of Masuma Somji
    Picture of Masuma Somji at a 3D printer
    Masuma 3D printing at NYU Tandon School of Engineering

    Masuma Somji

    • Attends New York University
    • Teaches Robotics, Arabic, and Math
    • 5 years of tutoring experience

    “Teaching has always been a passion of mine since I was a young child. I love being able to share knowledge and skills with my students, watching them grow and learn so much in the process. When teaching robotics, I make sure our sessions are interactive, making the environment conducive to learning while simultaneously making the student feel comfortable. Not only does this increase the student's confidence but it also helps me get to know them and their learning styles a little better.”

    “My son Jonathan's robotic's tutor Masuma is FANTASTIC! She is conscientious, prepared, patient and a great teacher!”

    - Randi S., parent

  • Picture of Akira Wong
    Picture of Akira Wong at a computer
    Akira creating educational math videos to better help his students

    Akira Wong

    • Science teacher in Queens, NY
    • Teaches Biology, Test Prep (SHSAT)
    • 4 years of professional teaching experience

    “I believe a warm and encouraging environment helps learning the best. Every instructional strategy that I employ for my student is highly individualized to tailor their unique needs in learning. My philosophy: no student is the same, so why should their lesson plan be the same? With my three years of teaching experience, many of my students have overcome their challenges and improved significantly in their academics. During my free time I am obsessed with the latest technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs.”

  • Picture of Jonathan Poch
    Picture of Jonathan Poch
    Picture of Jonathan Poch at a computer
    Jonathan programming at a local cafe in NYC

    Jonathan Poch

    • Cybersecurity Consultant
    • Teaches Computer Science
    • Passionate about Cooking, Running, and Obstacle course racing
    • 7 years of tutoring experience

    “When I work with a student, my goal isn't to help them get through their assignment, project, what have you. I'm interested in seeing how my student thinks and faces problems. Through doing that, I try to teach them in a way that doesn't just help them through current problems, but also sets them up and equips them to better identify the areas where they're weak, and teach themselves the things they don't know. It's really rewarding when you see that sudden understanding - that little click, and even moreso when they don't need you as a tutor anymore. I’ve worked with Gooroo for a little over two years now and it’s been a pleasure. They’re definitely a tutoring service with the right ideas in mind and their team is full of great people passionate for education.”

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