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How to prepare for the SHSAT

Do you need help preparing for the SHSAT? Our Gooroo tutors and Personal Learning Consultants can help come up with a personalized plan that will put you on the best path to your dream high school.

  • Assess your strengths and focus on improving them

    Our SHSAT tutors will work with students towards doing their best on the SHSAT, and evaluating strengths and weaknesses and where to focus their attention. As there is no specific number to pass the test, getting the best score possible will give students the best chance of getting into the specialized high school of their choice.

  • Practice early and often and familiarize yourself with the test

    Whether you choose to self study or work with a tutor (we proudly provide the most personalized tutor match for your learning needs), you’ll need to dedicate time to practicing and getting used to the format of the test. Gooroo offers free proctored mock exams to assess competencies and monitor students’ progress. Tutorverse and Kaplan both offer prep books that include hundreds of practice questions.

We set the bar for education that is honest, caring, and sustainable.

Unlike other companies, we strive to be transparent, pay our tutors top rates, and give back to the community.

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    Personal learning consultant

    Get dedicated advices regarding classes, college admissions, and more.

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    Our tutors are well taken care of so they can completely focus on you.

What parents and students say

  • I am so impressed by the thought (and, as importantly) heart that goes into every tutor placement at Gooroo. My son began working with Yoojin from Gooroo in May 2018 in order to get ready for the SHSAT, and she was nothing short of amazing. Her sessions with him were precisely tailored to his needs, and she was firm but kind with him which is exactly what he needed. He scored high enough on the test to qualify for all of the specialized schools, though in the end decided on a general education school in Manhattan. Yoojin then coached my daughter through the 4th grade state tests, and, though they are VERY different children, she immediately found the right approach for Maddie. Yoojin was simply terrific from start to finish. And did I mention she brought a giant box of Levain cookies over to Henry a few days before the test to wish him luck? Lucky to have Yoojin and Gooroo in our life!

    Katie Miller

    (Mother of son taking the SHSAT)

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