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How Gooroo tutors teach ESL

  • They create an effective and holistic learning experience

    Studies show that over 80% of language learning students have misconceptions about what it takes to actually learn a second language. For example, they might think that learning a lot of new English vocabulary will best enhance their learning, when in reality, it is ineffective on its own. Gooroo tutors communicate the basics of the learning process in a way that students can understand, and set realistic expectations and goals for the process. Gooroo tutors create a holistic learning experience that is applicable to the learning that ESL students do outside of tutoring sessions. That is, they create in-class strategies that effectively translate to outside practice. For example, our ESL tutors might encourage students to think in English in their daily lives, to narrate their schedules and activities, and reading and reflecting on English news in their level.

  • They emphasize authentic speaking and listening skills

    Gooroo tutors know that memorizing scripted conversations only goes to far. In addition, they strategically create space to have spontaneous and meaningful conversations with their students in topics that interest them. Gooroo tutors know that teacher talking time (TTT) should be limited, and student talking time should be maximized. This not only helps students to practice becoming comfortable with speaking and listening, it also encourages them as they learn English. This time of practice ensures that the vocabulary and grammar that has been learned won’t be forgotten after the session ends.

  • They personalize learning based on age, goals, and media resources

    Our Gooroo tutors are resourceful and provide their students with many different ways to engage in learning English as Second Language, so they can stay motivated. This might differ depending on the age group of the student. For example, teens might want to socialize with English speaking peers, and adults might want to apply for an English-speaking job. For the teen, a Gooroo tutor might recommend an English makeover for their social media profiles, or for captions that they use in stories they post throughout the day. For the adult applying for a job, watching videos of other professionals talking about their roles might be helpful. From reading the news, digging into a bestselling novel, watching video clips, and creating social media posts, there are so many ways that media inspires an ESL student.

We set the bar for education that is honest, caring, and sustainable.

Unlike other companies, we strive to be transparent, pay our tutors top rates, and give back to the community.

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What parents and students say

  • Gooroo has cared about the success of my child every step of the way—from ordinary test prep to the more challenging time of helping him catch up with schoolwork after suffering concussions. Gooroo cares and wants their students to succeed. Gooroo is a first rate test prep and tutoring company, but they have the time to personalize and care deeply about each student, always going the extra mile. They’re the kind of people you want educating your child.

    Martha McPhee

    (Mother of son in high school)

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