How Gooroo works

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    Tell us what you want to learn, and where and when you want to learn it

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    Get your perfect tutor match, book them, and have a great session

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    Receive timely and helpful feedback after every session

How Gooroo tutors teach Elementary Math

Gooroo Elementary Math tutors are passionate about teaching younger students. They can help your child with all elementary math topics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and so on.

  • They teach what’s appropriate for students’ age and level
  • They clarify the necessity and importance of concepts

We set the bar for education that is honest, caring, and sustainable.

Unlike other companies, we strive to be transparent, pay our tutors top rates, and give back to the community.

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    Perfect tutor matches

    All the matches you receive are guaranteed to be a great fit for you.

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    Continuous feedback

    Valuable learning reports help you stay on track towards your goal.

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    Personal learning consultant

    Get dedicated advice regarding classes, college admissions, and more.

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    Empowered and engaging tutors

    Our tutors are well taken care of so they can completely focus on you.

What parents and students say

  • Gooroo is such a blessing, since I cannot usually help my son with math. The tutor identified the issues my son was having and areas he was struggling in during his first session. I listened in a little and I’m so happy with how our Gooroo tutor interacts with him!

    Suzanna Boyce

    (Mother of son learning math)

100% Satisfaction guarantee

Perfect match, guaranteed.

If you are not satisfied with your first session for any reason, let us know and we’ll give you a new tutor match and session for free!

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