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How Gooroo tutors teach Chemistry

Gooroo tutors help students improve their chemistry skills by assessing their strengths and weaknesses initially with a diagnostic test (if they’ve started learning already), and then coming up with a personalized learning plan based on learning gaps. Your Personal Learning Consultant will always be on hand to answer any questions about how long it will take to improve or get ahead, the student’s progress over time, and any other questions you have!

  • Tips for chemistry students

    - Brush up on the math you need to know to succeed in chemistry: logarithms, algebra, fractions, percentages, and exponents. - Familiarize yourself with the material, and try sample problems from your textbook before class. - Work through practice problems - as many as you can! Try not to look at the answer key as much as possible. - Pay attention during class, and review your notes after each class. - Don't be shy to ask for help from your teacher, tutor, and classmates.

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What parents and students say

  • We met a Chemistry tutor for one session when my son was getting 50's on his exams. After studying with the tutor he took another exam and got an 80. So happy!!! We will definitely be tutoring with Gooroo again. I wish I would have known about Gooroo earlier this year. However, I'm happy we know now!

    Mabel Davis

    (Son learning general chemistry)

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