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Statistics Made Simple

From data collection to interpretation

Being able to present information is one thing. But being able to back up an argument or an opinion with a reasoned set of insights and statistics is quite another. Identifying trends, understanding deviances, and spotting correlations are essential skills for all students to have in math and beyond.

If you're finding that data handling isn't a subject that comes naturally, our tutors are experts at explaining complex concepts in a way anyone can understand. Whether it's with a pack of cards, looking through the stock data, or watching the weather forecast, they'll find a way that works for you.

Learn not to be average

Statistics and probability are one of the strands of math that you can guarantee you'll see on your SAT test. Covering mean, median, and mode averages and the probability of independent or dependent events, our stats tutors will provide practice test questions designed to make you ready for the real thing. We want to help turn getting accepted into your college of choice from a possibility into a probability.

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