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Spelling it out

A teachable skill

It’s a popular myth that the rules of English spelling are too thorny and unpredictable to be taught in a systematic way. With the right instruction, informed by a careful structural approach, your student will be acing spelling quizzes and identifying language patterns in no time.

There are those who say spelling has become obsolete in the time of spell-check, but leading reading scientists disagree. Learning to spell helps to cement the connection between letters and their sounds, and learning high-frequency “sight words” to mastery level improves both reading and writing.

Spelling for Life

Language is an incredibly complex mesh of structure, texture, and sound. Learning the finer points of spelling rules, the intricate and exciting ways in which letters fit together to make meaning and sound, will give young students a much stronger foundation in communication skills.

Those who learn to unlock the secrets of spelling early on are able to read faster and with higher rates of comprehension. And with a more nuanced understanding of the way words tick, good spellers naturally grow into good writers who know how to choose the right word.

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