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Recovering the past

It’s more than memorizing dates

Most of us remember learning history in middle school and high school as a somewhat tedious experience: piles of dates attached to the strange names of leaders and battles that couldn’t have felt less relevant to our actual lives.

At Gooroo, we approach history as the dynamic, colorful, and enormously useful discipline that it is. Focusing on the role of measured analysis in interpreting the great moments of the past, our tutors bring history to life for students by teaching them how to think in new and vibrant ways.

Making history a part of your future

Colleges and universities across the country are drawn to applicants with a strong record in history class. The ability to detect patterns, summarize vast fields of information, and interpret the motivations underlying the behavior of individuals and nations alike is just what admissions officers look for in promising high school seniors.

And once you’ve left college, you’ll find that a robust background in the study of history has prepared you well for any job that requires strong analytical ability, sharp communication skills, and a keen eye for what the future may bring.

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