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Your GED triumph

Crossing the finish line

Life is complicated and full of unexpected obstacles. Some highschool students are close to finishing their required courses for graduation, but don’t quite get there. Whether you’re still a teenager or a professional decades out hoping to grasp that diploma after all, we have tutors who can help you make earning your GED a reality.

Expand your future

Earning your GED is the first step in your path towards a better job or higher degree. Passing the GED exam will grant you a state high school diploma and the recognition that you have been educated a high school level. The opportunities a GED can unlock for you are endless, particularly in our current job market which values education enormously.

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    Perfect tutor matches

    All the matches you received are guaranteed to be a great fit for you.

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    Personal learning consultant

    Get dedicated advice regarding classes, college admissions, and more.

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    Continuous feedback

    Valuable learning feedback and reports help you stay on track towards your goal.

How GED tutoring works on Gooroo

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    Submit a request by telling us your needs and receive matches for free

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    Choose a GED tutor you like from the matches we send you

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    Receive feedback after each session and quarterly learning reports

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