Book and meet with tutors perfect for you

$ 150 /hour

  • Our top tutors meet you at Sandbox Playground.
  • Comprehensive feedback after every session.
  • Dedicated personal learning consultant.
  • Individualized teaching to supplement your education.

Included in your plan

  • Icon of a conversation
    Tutors who care
    • Tutors who fit your schedule
    • Tutors who tailor sessions to your specific learning needs
  • Icon of a ribbon with a check
    Fully-vetted tutors
    • Background-checked
    • Passed comprehensive interviews
    • 2+ years of teaching experience
  • Icon of a house
    Top tutors at Sandbox Playground
    • Meet in-person with your Gooroo tutor
    • Utilize the Playground’s learning stations
    • Clean and spacious location
  • Icon of a report document
    Learning feedback
    • Recap and actionable feedback for every session
    • Insights into areas of improvement
    • Assessment of soft skills and learning styles
  • Icon of a fork in a path
    • Use hours for 300+ subjects
    • Hours never expire
  • Icon of social distancing
    • Precautionary measures such as plexiglass and temperature checks
    • Socially distanced learning environment
    • Cohort based learning protocol