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Gooroo Clubs continues to engage learners with active projects. So far on the blog, we’ve guided you through the journey of Curriculum Curation to Production Process. Now, it’s time to finish the trilogy with the final piece of the puzzle: Video Editing.

Gooroo Clubs is online project-based learning platform focusing on Arts, Science, and Technology. Every week, we release new content for each of our various clubs — all centred around NYS educational standards. Therefore, not only our are videos fun, they’re also educational! Transform your passions into projects and start your free trial at

Keep reading to learn how we complete the development of our courses and release them to our students.

From Video Editing 

Gooroo is an international company. Not only do we have a diverse team working for our New York branch, but we also have divisions in China and Indonesia. The latter of which makes up our Video Editing Team working valiantly to ensure our clubs will have their new content. Like all things, this is a step-by-step process. 

Step 1: Files

As you can imagine, we shoot a lot of footage for our courses. Not only do we want to allow for dynamic editing, but we also want our students to see up-close viewings of the projects. Additionally, we film our content in the highest quality possible. Thus, there are a lot of files to organise and upload. 

Step 2: Rough Edit

Once our Video Editing Team have the files, they begin editing the course. First they start with a rough cut. Using the outlines and scripts created by our Gooroos, they piece together the footage to create the backbone of the course. Then, our Creative Director comes in to give guidance on any animation, images, or music that should be added. 

Step 3: Quality Control

Next, the Video Editing Team uses the creative feedback to create a new edit with animations and music. Then, it is handed to the Education Team for quality control. They check that all text, animations, and additional information is educational correct and that it will make sense for our students. 

Step 4: Final Edit 

If there are notes from the Education Team, they will be taken onboard and a final edit is created. Now the videos are ready to be upload to our website. 

However, other tasks must be completed by other teams while the video editing takes place. 

How It Gets to the Website

While video editing is happening, the Marketing Team is hard at work finalising copy and other assets for the website. 

Step 1: Website Copy

Using the information provided by our Gooroos, the Marketing Team streamlines the descriptions and titles of the courses to coincide with Gooroo Branding. They ensure all the relevant details are present and accounted for. 

Step 2: Typeforms

Something Gooroo Clubs provides as part of its service is the ability to test your knowledge after completing a course. With guidance from the Gooroos and Education Team, typeforms are created to do just this. 

Step 3: Thumbnails and Trailers

We want people to know how fun and engaging our content is! Thus, thumbnails and club trailers play an important role in garnering interest for the courses. Not only are these assets used on our website, but you can also see them in our marketing campaigns and on our social media! 

Step 4: Put It All Together

Once the video editing is complete and the website copy is approved, the courses are ready to be uploaded to the relevant club for you to enjoy! Check them out now: currently providing courses in Music and STEM subjects. 

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Lydia B.

Lydia B.

Lydia B. is a Marketing Coordinator and Music Club Coach for Gooroo Clubs. Don't let after-school be an afterthought - join Gooroo's online platform centred around hands-on project-based learning!