Production Process: How We Developed Gooroo Clubs

production process

Last week, we launched our new product: Gooroo Clubs. On the blog, we also gave you an insight into how we curated our curriculum for the courses. Today, we move onto the next step in its development: the production. 

Gooroo Clubs is online project-based learning platform focusing on Arts, Science, and Technology. Every week, we release new content for each of our various clubs — all centred around NYS educational standards. Therefore, not only our are videos fun, they’re also educational! Transform your passions into projects and start your free trial at

But, how do we go from script to filmed footage? Read on to learn more about the next key step in creating a week’s topic for a Gooroo Club. 

Our Production Studio

Nestled in midtown Manhattan, NY sits the Gooroo Office turned Production Studio. Once a working space for the Gooroo Team, it has transformed into a two set filming location. Our set up includes:

The Team

On our amazing filming crew we have a:

But, how does this all play into the step-by-step filming process?

The Day of Filming

Step 1: Pre-Production

Once our instructors scripts have been approved, they are handed over to the Filming Team. Then, Creative Decks and filming notes come into play in order to ensure everything is ready for filming. Additionally, the Club Coach reaches out the instructor to check what materials they will need in the studio. 

Everyone in the office must show proof of vaccination in order to keep our team and instructors safe and healthy.

Step 2: Setting Up

The Filming Team arrive before the instructor and make sure the set is ready for them. Final checks are made regarding: memory card space, materials, etc. During this time, the instructor arrives. This is when they can ask any last minute questions and get to know the team and the space. The instructor will sit in the set so that lighting and sound can be tested before filming. 

Step 3: Marketing Material

One of the first things we film is our Marketing Material. This is what you will see on our various social media channels in the form of Meet Your Gooroos. We want our students to feel connected to our instructors so it’s important that we capture this material. 

Step 4: Filming

Working chronologically, the Production Team and the Instructor film through all the courses in that week’s topics. We try to get multiple takes and angles in order to obtain the most dynamic footage to use in post-production. 

Step 5: End of Day

It takes roughly 8 hours to film a week’s worth of content. Once the instructors are finished, we gather the last bits of information we need in order to create the copy for the website. 

Want to see what the finished product looks like? Jump over to Gooroo Clubs now where we currently have topics in Musical Expressions and Space Systems!

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Lydia B.

Lydia B.

Lydia B. is a Marketing Coordinator and Music Club Coach for Gooroo, a tutoring membership that matches students to tutors perfect for them based on their unique learning needs. Gooroo offers Math, English, SAT, Coding, Spanish tutoring, and more.