Weather Forecast Survival Tips

weather forecast survival tips

As the winter storm makes its rounds across the US, states in the South are facing power and water outages. With freezing cold temperatures taking hold, more and more people are wondering how to keep themselves warm during this unprecedented weather forecast. In today’s blog, we’ll provide tips for surviving the freezing cold. 

Dressing for the Weather Forecast

It’s well known that it’s important to bundle up during the cold season. But, you probably don’t own a lot of winter clothes if you live in a fairly mild climate. Here are some tips for layering with clothes you probably already own. 

Bottom Half

  1. Start with a pair of tights or leggings. This is your first layer so can be relatively tight. 
  2. Add a pair of loose pants. We want them to be loose so any trapped air can be used as insulation. 
  3. If you can, add another pair of even looser pants. 
  4. Tuck your layers into a first pair of socks. Add a chunkier pair of socks on top of those. Make sure it’s sung enough to keep out the cold. so tight that you’re cutting of blood circulation. That can lead to frostbite too!
  5. If you’re able to, put on a pair of shoes. Boots are preferred!

Top Half

  1. Like with the bottom half, start with the thinnest layer. This could be a turtle-neck, a henley, or a long-sleeve t-shirt. If you can, tuck this layer into one of your pairs of pants. This will help to reduce skin exposure. 
  2. Add a loose sweater or sweatshirt. Like with our bottom half, we want to try to have trapped air that we can use for insulation. 
  3. Add a larger sweater or hoodie. Top it off with a coat if you think you’re still able to move around. 

Cover your head and hands

The Dos and Don’ts of Keeping Warm

DO light candles. When your power is out, candles help to provide light and warmth. 

DON’T leave candles burning when you’re sleeping or put them near objects that are flammable. 

DO try to stick to being in one room. Block any openings around doors and windows with towels and door stoppers. Gather all your blankets and pillows and bunker under them. Keep curtains closed to reduce heat loss.

DON’T cut off all ventilation. It’s important to maintain some kind of air circulation.

DO harness the heat of the sun when you can. Check the weather forecast for optimal summer days.

DON’T use propane or gas heaters inside. They can cause carbon monoxide poisoning!

DO eat whatever you can — even if it isn’t “healthy”. It’s the calories that matter in helping you keep warm!

DO keep your faucets dripping and open your under-sink cabinets to help prevent the pipes from bursting. Now is not the time for flooding. 


Check if your city has emergency warming centers.

Call 911 if you suspect someone has hypothermia. 

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