Winter Boots and Other Good Investments

winter boots

Winter boots are a necessity in the cold months, especially if you live up North like us! But they’re not the only thing you should be investing in this year. In today’s blog, I’ll share with you some items worth spending money on: something really worth think about now that we’re working from home. 

Winter Boots

Perhaps you got hit by the Nor’easter, or are dealing with hidden ice patches on your daily walks. Well, investing in some decent winter boots may be the way to go — and could save you money in the long run! It can be tempting to buy a cheap pair, especially when we remember the unbearable heat of the summer. But, if you’re able to, it’s better to spend a little more on a boot that will last you more than one season! Get boots that are waterproof and durable, that have padded soles or room to insert your own, and don’t have have fur or lining that could get discolored or matted. You won’t regret investing in something that will protect your feet (and balance) from the elements, and maybe spending the money will encourage you to use your investment more and brave the winter climate. 

Other Good Investments

Winter Boots and Other Good Investments
A Reliable Mattress

We use our mattresses every day so why not spend a little extra to buy one that’s to your pleasing and will alleviate any back or neck pain. Like a good winter boot, a mattress should stay functional between 7 to 10 years: making it one of the longer lasting investments on our list. Good sleep is very essential in maintaining good health.

A Sturdy Desk + A Comfortable Chair

In this work-at-home environment, it’s important to set up a space that encourages productivity. You want to make sure you have a desk that is stable and can fit everything you need on it. Anything too small can become easily cluttered. If a lot of your workday requires sitting, it’s important to invest in a chair that will support your back and that is comfortable to sit on. You don’t want to end your day with a stiff neck, or end up spending time lying on a sofa, or a bed, when working because you find your chair unpleasant. 

A Planner

Whether you’re digital or analogue inclined, investing in a planner will help to create some semblance of a schedule in your day-to-day routine and keep you organized, and on-top-of, your tasks. Personally, I prefer a good old-fashioned pen-and-paper bullet journal. Bullet journalling can be a little overwhelming if you’ve never tried it before, but the most important thing to remember is that it’s meant to be catered to your needs. You decide what you’re keeping track of and how fancy/artsy you want it to be. 

But, what if you’d prefer to have something that is more accessible on your phone or computer? There are a plethora of calendar and note-taking apps that, for a small price, can keep you in the loop with your work load. Make sure to schedule in time to use your winter boots!

Gooroo Courses

Last, but not least, rounding off our lists of good investments is Gooroo Courses. Here at Gooroo, we want you to believe in your potential and unlock your capabilities with a subscription to our service. For only $9.99 a month, Gooroo Courses gives you access to 1000+ of educational content ranging from languages to cooking to fitness to music. Invest in your learning, and your future, with a Gooroo Courses subscription today! 

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Lydia B.

Lydia B.

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