Vision Board Ideas, Layouts, and Goals

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What do you want to achieve this 2022? Is it work or school related? Or do you want to focus on relationships and self-care? Whatever your desires are, a vision board is the perfect road map to help conceptualise your goals. But, what exactly does that mean? In today’s blog, we help you manifest the new year as well as give some goals you could aim for.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals. Typically, they are poster-sized and filled with images and text that encapsulate what you’re trying to accomplish. The idea is to set an intention, then take active steps towards achieving it. However, some criticise these manifestations as simply day dreams that stop meaningful actions. However, we would argue that creativity needs an outlet to flourish and all good things come with a plan.

Another thing these guides get confused with are mood boards. While the latter is brilliant as a planning tool for aesthetics, we’re more focused on life direction. According to Psychology Today, mental practices can increase motivation, confidence, and even motor performance. Additionally, crafting is a great way to clear the mind!

How to Make Your Own

Wanted to get started on a vision board? Follow these easy steps!

  1. First, let’s gather our supplies. You’ll need: poster board, magazines, any other additional images, scissors, glue sticks, paper and pen, and art supplies.
  2. Next, reflect on the past year of your life. Review what is working and what you’d like to change. Appreciate what you have achieved so far.
  3. Then, write down your goals for the upcoming year. Once you’ve had an initial brain dump, begin prioritising the list. The first couple items should be what you put on your vision board.
  4. Find the images and words that relate to these goals. If you can’t find anything in the magazines, take to the internet to find something specific.
  5. Decide the structure of your guide. You could divide the board into a nine section bagua (Feng Shui map of life areas) or have radiating lines from a central point. Do what feels right to align with your goals and intentions.
  6. Assemble your words and images, but don’t glue them down just yet! Play around with different layouts, groupings, and designs.
  7. Glue it down and embellish! Then, display your vision board somewhere where you’ll see it on the daily.
  8. Use this guide as a road map. Create an action plan for your goals and review your board every time you create a to-do lit.

Goals for 2022

Not sure what to put on your vision board? Check out these ideas for goals in 2022. We’ve broken them down into 4 major categories.

  1. Big goals and dreams: learn an instrument, get a promotion, travel somewhere new, speak a foreign language.
  2. Wish list: a new computer, a kitchen tool, etc.
  3. Intentions: be kinder, connect with friends and family, practise mindfulness.
  4. Words of the year: truth, peace, light, calmness, etc.

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Lydia B.

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