Homemade Gift Ideas For All DIY Skill Levels


Would you believe it, we’re almost at the end of 2021. But, before we can bring in the New Year, there are still a few gift giving holidays on the calendar. Are you on a budget? Do you want to make a gift thats full of love AND kind to the environment? Then, look no further than this blog all filled with homemade gift ideas. Additionally, we’ve also broken them down into categories based on your DIY skill levels!

What is Homemade?

A homemade item (also known as a handicraft) is a wide variety of types of work made completely by ones hands. They can be either useful or decorative or sometimes both. Additionally, the use simple non-automated tools may also occur such as:

These skills fall into the main sector of craft making. Additionally, it has its roots in rural crafts of ancient civilisations. Many crafts evolved from these practises, or are the same methods that have been practised for centuries. One of the oldest is Dhokra: a sort of metal casting that has existed in India for over 4,000 years.

Interested in learning these skills? Ultimately, their development relies on practise and patience. But, often they can be learned by anyone and everyone.

Gift Ideas

We’ve handily divided our homemade gifts ideas into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and expert.


New to homemade gifting? Then, why not:


A bit more experienced in DIY? For a gift, you could:


Confident in your abilities? Then, these gift ideas are for you:

Remember, no matter what you decide is your homemade gift, this most important thing is the time and energy you put into creating it. Love and care are the best gifts you can give!

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Lydia B.

Lydia B.

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