Teacher Appreciation: Giving Them Thanks

teacher appreciation

As the school year comes to a close, many students are anticipating the upcoming summer. With vaccination rates going up, the country is on track to having a full-out Fourth of July. However, before we embrace the sunny freedom of the season, we should remember to thank those who were here for us this year. Our teachers have navigated online learning and been there to support us. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about all that an educator does for us and how we can show our appreciation for their efforts. 

The Life of a Teacher

Following along with this day in a life as a teacher!

  1. Waking-up Early. Most educators arrive at school before their students have even woken up. This is because they need to make copies, and update their boards to show the day’s objective, assignments, and other information. 
  2. Morning Announcements. While some schools have building-wide intercom updates, teachers are responsible for any additional admin students need to be aware of.
  3. Classes. Sharing a positive attitude, these educators set the tone for the school day. 
  4. Prep Time. During their “free” periods, teachers need to prep for their next classes and plan for any upcoming meetings. If they work with other educators, then this is the time they’ll collaborate on goals for the department. 
  5. Lunch Time. Depending on what grade-level they teach, educators have about 20 minutes to eat their lunch. 
  6. After School. Like in the morning, teachers stay after the students have left to tidy their classrooms and grade papers. Because of their under-payment in some states, they may also have to get to a second job. Additionally, some teachers help with extracurricular activities.

Why Become an Educator?

(Coincidentally, theses are all things that Gooroo is passionate about, too!)

Skills Educators Need

How to Show Appreciation

As you can see, a lot of hard work goes into being a teacher. Show your appreciation to yours with these suggestions!

  1. Tell them you appreciate them. Simple but very very impactful. 
  2. Give them a card or handmade gift. We have some ideas for those here.
  3. If appropriate, gift them a coffee gift card. What’s more, you could even support your community by buying one from a local shop.
  4. Let your parents know how much you appreciate your teacher. 
  5. Remember their birthday and sing to them. Remember educators are people to. Make them feel seen and respected. 
  6. Offer to help clear up the classroom at the end of the day. Organisation is a big part of their job. Assist in making their lives a little easier. 
  7. If you’re able to, donate school supplies. Often times, teachers pay for these items out of their own pocket. 
  8. Collaborate with your classmates for an end-of-year gesture of thanks. It could be a zoom flash mob, or a giant thank you card. Or, you could even get them something cool to put in their classroom.
  9. Say thank you at the end of each school day. Again, small but big in impact.  

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Lydia B.

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