Handmade Gifts to Make For Your Friends and Family


There’s something wonderful about giving a gift. It can show someone that you care about them, and that you’re attuned to their likes and interests. Gifts can range from store cards to subscriptions — but sometimes the best present to receive is one that’s handmade. In today’s blog, we’ll you give some ideas for what sort of hand-crafted gifts you can create for your friends and family!

Why Handmade?

Personalised gifts are always the most heartfelt — especially if they’re handmade. Crafting a one-of-a-kind item allows for the present to be perfectly tailored to its recipient. Plus, putting the time into creating a physical object shows a meaningful amount of dedication to, and respect for, the relationship. What’s more, the gift doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be made with love. 

Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas for homemade gifts. Plus, some corresponding Gooroo Courses to check out if you need help!

Friendship Bracelet

It might seem cliche, but this woven bracelet is the perfect handmade token of friendship. Pick out your friend’s favourite colours and choose a knotting pattern you think they’d like. You can even stitch in their name, birthday, or lucky number. Check out Gooroo Courses on homemade friendship bracelets here. 


It’s surprisingly simple to turn some wire and beads into beautiful pieces that your friends can wear. Cut metal into interesting shapes, or wrap stones and gems to fashion eye-catching pendants. These Gooroo Courses will teach you skills in creating rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings — the perfect projects to create cute matching sets. 

Baked Goods

Want to gift someone something handmade, but a little more edible? Try baking some tasty treats. Tap into their sweet tooth with cookie dough cupcakes, apple cake, and pancakes. Or, take a more savoury approach with latkes, naan, and sourdough bread. Remember to check for any allergies or intolerances!


Do you multiple friends that you’d like to give the same gift to? Well, printing may be the perfect solution. A print is a picture that has been imprinted from an original design. While each print might vary slightly in terms of colour quality and picture placement, multiple copies can be created in a matter of minutes. Here are some Gooroo Courses to get you started!

A Photo Scrapbook

This handmade gift is the perfect combination of photography and journalling skills. First, print out your favourite photos with your friends. Then, place them in a stiff-papered spiralled book. Next, use tape, stickers, and glitter to decorate the pages. You could also used coloured pens to write quotes and when/where the photos were taken. Nowadays, you can even make a digital scrapbook uses apps like photoshop

Polymer Clay Creations

Polymer clay is modelling clay that is not technically clay. This plastic material is hardened when put in the oven giving it its “clay” name, but is actually made from polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It’s the perfect crafting medium because of its pliability, versatility, and simplicity. Gooroo Courses has projects in making handmade clay jewellery and jewellery holders.

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Lydia B.

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