Skills That Are Useful to Pick Up At Any Age


You may have heard the saying that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks”. Well, that’s not quite true. There are some skills which are fundamental to know at any stage of your life. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at those very abilities. Plus, give you some tips on how you can start to attain them.

Learning is Ageless

There isn’t a set age where we stop learning. In fact, it’s very ingrained in who we are as humans to want to seek out new knowledge. We are ever changing and evolving beings who have the capacity to learn new skills! 

Skills to Pick Up

Here are some skills that are useful at any age:

How to Clean

Tidy house, tidy mind! Knowing how to take care of your surroundings fosters calmness, keeps you organised, and helps to prevent the spread of illness. Do you live with other people? Consider setting up a cleaning schedule so you can all share the load. 

How to Cook Your Favourite Dish

You don’t need to be a professional chef, but knowing how to prepare your favourite meal is an underrated life skill. Check out recipes online and feel free to shake things up and swap out ingredients until it tastes perfect to you!

How to Sew

In a bid to be more sustainably conscious with our shopping habits, knowing how to fix your clothes not only saves money but also helps the environment! Start small with hand-sewing a button or fixing a hem, then move onto a sewing machine if you want to try bigger projects. 

How to Budget

Being financially responsible can feel like a daunting task. But, it’s probably one of the more beneficial skills to master. Start by understanding where you’re spending your money and move onto to how you could spend less. What’s more, this skill can help you control and contain any debt you may have.

DIY Home Repairs

Like sewing, knowing how to repair items in general is a very useful skill to have. Obviously, don’t do anything that could put your life in danger. But, knowing how to fix a leaky sink could save you money and time.

How to Manage Your Time

Speaking of time: do you know how to manage yours? It’s a great skill to know not only how to schedule important events, but also how to set aside time for yourself. There are a not of free calendars on the internet that can help you get started.

How to Write

Knowing how to compose a letter can be a real asset. What’s more, it ensures that you still have a basic understanding of sentence structure and grammar. Letters are a great way to communicate with someone — including your future self!

Public Speaking

This skills is a case of practice making perfect. There are three things to keep in mind when speaking publicly: breathe, be prepared, and let your passion shine through. 

Basic Etiquette

Minding your ps and qs is a create way to convey consideration for others. Politeness can take the form of manners, doing small favours, and respecting other’s identities.

How to Focus

Focusing helps us to align ourselves with the task at hand. Achieving this inner peace is different for every person. Maybe doing exercise or some breathing exercises might help?

How to Practise Self Care

This does not have to be as luxurious as a bubble bath with scented candles. Sometimes self-care is a simple as feeding yourself, getting enough sleep, and putting on clean clothes. Making sure to take time for yourself and your needs is a fundamental life skill. 

About the Author

Lydia B.

Lydia B.

Lydia is a Gooroo Courses Tutor at Gooroo, a tutoring membership and online learning platform that matches students to tutors perfect for them based on their unique learning needs. Gooroo offers math, English, ESL, Spanish tutoring, and more.