Candle Making Supplies & Choosing the Right Scent

candle making supplies

Scented candles help to stimulate specific moods and memories. Certain aromas release positive chemicals in the brain that can boost our energy or calm our anxiety. While we are still working from home, it’s vital to create a comfortable environment that can foster both productivity and peace. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss specific scents and their benefits as well as tell you candle making supplies and instructions so you can create your own fragrant decor. 

Scents and Their Benefits

The most important ingredient to gather for your candle making supplies (apart from the wax, obviously) is the scent. As mentioned above, different fragrances encourage different responses in the brain. Not sure which smell you should go for? Here is a helpful guide to picking the best combinations for your candle and your mind. 

Candle Making Supplies + Instructions

So, now you’ve begun to work out what you want to smell, it’s time to start melting! Of course, you could just buy a candle from the many scent-oriented stores, but there are benefits to hand-making them. 

  1. You save money. 
  2. It’s more eco-friendly — natural wax is biodegradable! 
  3. They don’t contain harmful chemicals. 
  4. Natural candles burn longer and produce less soot.

What’s more, candles are fairly easy and straightforward to make! 

The Supplies

Of course, the main components of making a candle are the candle making supplies. You will need:


  1. Measure how much wax you need to fill your jar and then double it. This is how much wax you’ll want to melt down. 
  2. Put the wax in the pot and boil. Stir frequently. This should take between 10-15 minutes. 
  3. Add the fragrance of your choice. Check the back of your wax package to see how much they recommend adding. Don’t forget to stir!
  4. Dip the bottom of the wick in a little bit of melted wax and attach to the bottom of the jar. Let it sit for 5 minutes to ensure that it’s hardened. 
  5. Let the remaining wax cool for a few minutes until the thermometer reads 140 degrees. 
  6. Pour the majority of the wax into the jar. Hold the wick in place. 
  7. Use chopsticks or pencils to ensure the wick will stay in the right location. 
  8. Allow the wax to set for four hours at room temperature. 
  9. Add the remaining wax and, once hardened, cut the wick to its desired length. 
  10. Light and enjoy!

Additional Steps. 

Here are some other candle making supplies you can use to add some flair to your creations. 

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