Retrospective of Gooroo, 2021 Overview


And, just like that, we entered in a New Year — welcome to 2020. However, here at Gooroo, we’re not finished with reminiscing and processing the last year. After all, thanks to our lifelong learners and resilient team members we achieved a lot in the last twelve months. All which will help pave the path of the future. And so, in today’s blog, we give you a retrospective of Gooroo 2021: what we did, what we learned, and how we grew. 

A Retrospective

Let’s start at the very beginning of the retrospective, January to be exact. The time for fresh starts and new ideas. And, that’s exactly what was brewing. We saw the desire for after school clubs as well as listened to learners concerns about costs and travel. So, we decided to create an online platform centred around educations standards and extracurricular activities. Luckily, we have our Gooroo Courses hub to get us started. 

In Q1, we welcomed instrumental team members with expertise in designing engaging and fulfilling curriculums. They shaped what a club would look like, and provided the guidelines for our instructors. 

Speaking of our incredible Gooroos, we were so lucky to work with such dedicated, adaptable, and inspiring educators. We thank them for the care and forethought they put into their courses. 

Adding the Production Team

We can’t congratulate the instructors in our retrospective, without also shouting out the production team. Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, by Q2 we were able to begin filming content in our office turned studio. Can you spot the various sets we used in our videos?

Our production team works tirelessly to ensure we reach our deadlines. Additionally, they help our Gooroos feel supported during their filming sessions. 

The Launch

Just before the start of Q3, we launched Gooroo Clubs with Music Club and Magic Club. Soon after, Eco Club joined the mix. These clubs offered our learners a variety in skills, interests, and projects. We strived, and continue to strive, to ensure they are easy to follow and accessible in terms of cost. We hope to expand on this accessibility in the coming year!

Since the original release of these three clubs, we added After School with Roo and After School in ASL. Both of these hubs offer projects centred around imagination, creativity, and self-expression — qualities all lifelong learners embrace. 

The Learn To Save Our Planet Initiative

Let’s round off this retrospective! In Q4, we partnered with Itza Media and WWF on their Learn to Save Our Planet initiative. We aimed to provide resources about environmental issues that encourage learners to do their part in protecting the Earth. On Gooroo, you could follow Marine Biologist Laura Wells as she guided us through the wonderful world of whales. It was truly a beautiful course and a wonderful partnership!

The Future

So, that’s year in review of Gooroo — quite a retrospective! But, what do we have in store for the future? Well, next week we will touch on our resolutions. But, for now, Magic Club launches in the next couple of days! 

About the Author

Lydia B.

Lydia B.

Lydia B. is a Marketing Coordinator and Music Club Coach for Gooroo, a tutoring membership that matches students to tutors perfect for them based on their unique learning needs. Gooroo offers Math, English, SAT, Coding, Spanish tutoring, and more.