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Your New Solution to Pandemic Learning!

Today we’re facing a huge issue with learning. In many countries around the world, be it for economic or political issues, education is not easily accessible or even available. But even in the U.S. where education is available, it might not be within reach. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of college tuition and fees have increased by 1413.07% since 1977. Therefore, we notice massive education gaps that prevent many people around the world from accessing high-quality education. This paired with Covid-19 disrupting the education space around the world, we begin to notice the education system’s difficult transition to the distance learning model and accommodating different student learning styles. These models have been noted to lack the personal nature of in-person classrooms. This prevents many learners from receiving the one-on-one help that they need. In the end, the world was not ready for this transition.

Gooroo’s Solution

Gooroo’s mission has always been to provide high-quality education for all. Thus, Gooroo has launched Gooroo Courses, an on-demand virtual education streaming platform with thousands of hours of content led by experts from around the world. From baking to coding, guitar lessons to chemistry labs, Gooroo Courses has you covered. Our amazing team edits and publishes submitted content at a rapid rate of over 500 courses a month, that’s 17 courses a day!

Firstly, each Gooroo Course is segmented into parts and can be watched in any order. This grants learners the flexibility they need to learn on their own time. For this reason, in each course, a level of difficulty is displayed along with the instructor’s credentials. Our team has also placed each course into three main categories: academic, personal development, and lifestyle, to allow for an easy search for whatever your needs are. Try Gooroo Courses for free for the first month and then continue with a monthly membership of only $9.99!

Buy-One, Give-One!

When we say accessible education for all, we mean it. We have already started donating course subscriptions to underserved communities, partnering with non-profit organizations, and inspiring many learners to go the extra mile.

Additionally, for every paid subscription purchased, we will donate subscriptions to learners from underserved communities. This allows us to do our part in providing high-quality education around the world. Imagine that, students around the world can now learn how to master any skill from experienced and credible instructors in their respective fields, all from their computer or smartphone. Step-by-step, Gooroo is making sure every student around the world can unlock their full potential and make a difference.

Students can connect individually with tutors to accommodate different learning styles

One-on-One Learning Opportunity

One-on-one learning is crucial to the growth and development of students when it comes to mastering new skills. Unfortunately, one of the main issues of the distance learning model and attending virtual online classrooms is the lack of a personalization. We tackled this issue with the utmost urgency. With Gooroo Courses, learners can contact and book instructors for a personal one-on-one session through our site. This means that after watching a course on coding or baking, learners are one-click away from booking a personal session with the expert!

Gooroo’s mission is to unlock every student’s potential by catering to every student’s unique needs. Moreover, Gooroo is striving to bring the excitement of learning to the world. We strive to achieve this mission with Gooroo Courses. We’re offering numerous learning content that is easily accessible for all. In addition, we’re donating subscriptions to learners from underserved communities. Lastly, we’re harnessing student-teacher relationships in order to generate long-term success.

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Scott Lee

Scott Lee

Scott Lee is the CEO and founder of Gooroo, a tutoring membership that matches students to tutors perfect for them based on their unique learning needs. Gooroo offers math, English, ESL, Spanish tutoring, and more.