How Can Tutoring Help You? Hear from Gooroo tutors

how can tutoring help you?

You may be wondering if tutoring is necessary. What the point of it? How can tutoring help you?

Specifically, we find that there is always an “aha” moment when students receive tutoring. Our Gooroo tutors share some of their proudest teaching moments and when everything clicks.

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Anne H., Hamilton College ’19 B.A. in English

Anne H.

“An intermediate ESL student was struggling with differences in subject-verb-object syntax between English and his native language, French. For example, he would use phrases like ‘I play sometimes soccer,’ inverting the proper adverb-verb order. To address the issue, I incorporated a five-minute practice round at the beginning of each session in which I would pose questions that required adverb-verb responses. Through this, he employed the corrected order in his regular English.”

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Walker M., Columbia University ’19 B.S. in Biomedical Engineering

Walker M.

“During one of my Chemistry lab sections this summer, I began the section by giving a basic demonstration on how to use a pipette. Many didn’t realize that a pipette has two ‘stops’. I showed them the difference between the first stop, for measuring, and the second stop, for ejecting, before moving forward. Compared to the previous section, where students measured inaccurate volumes because they weren’t taught how to properly use a pipette, my students moved through more swiftly and without error.”

Maximus H., New York University ’22 B.S. in Computer Science

Maximus H.

“As a tutor, I have worked with dozens of students on the SAT and ACT but I am most proud of one, a student named Joey came to me after working with a test prep company and scored 27 on a diagnostic with me. He said his initial diagnostic was a 25 and over the entire summer he had not improved much. The SAT and ACT are not tests about knowledge; rather, they test your ability to take them. Using strategies, time management, and practice, we were able to increase his score to a 33 in three months.”

Maya R., Barnard College ’22 B.A. in Biochemistry

Maya R.

“One of my students was having trouble adjusting to the rigor of freshman biology. She was often behind in class and couldn’t really understand the way her teacher approached the material. I helped break down complicated concepts and the basic chemistry needed to understand biology on the molecular level. With that foundation, she was able to grasp onto the lessons from her teacher and her voice in class grew louder. With the right support, she became an A student.”

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At Gooroo, we want to focus on helping each student achieve their personal learning goals. So, we dive into the question of how can tutoring help you, specifically.

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