How to Tutor for $60/Hr and Help Students

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Here’s a quick guideline on how to apply your education, build relationships with students as a tutor, AND get paid $60/hr to do it. I want to show you how to tutor the right way.

I get it. You went to a great school, chose an exciting major, and maybe even found the job of your dreams.

Then, all of a sudden, there’s an itch to spend your weeknights and weekends more productively. An itch to do something more meaningful. Yet, you also to give back and use the education that you spent all of those all-nighters to get. An itch that tells you to find something that also values your time.

Tutoring = Itch Cream

Tutoring equals what? Yes, tutoring might work even better than hydrocortisone for all that itching. (Disclaimer for future tutors: Consult a doctor before using any and all medical itch creams)

Here’s What It Takes to Be a Great Tutor:

You care. When you show you care, amazing things happen! A caring tutor is willing to take the extra step to ensure that students and parents feel supported and encouraged.

Sarah F., an amazing math tutor, consistently shows care for her students. Sarah found out one of her students, Lisa, had an upcoming figure skating recital. She then proceeded to block out time in her own busy schedule to attend, and even brought flowers! Sarah embodies care in and out of sessions by listening to her students, providing support, and staying updated on life events.

You know the material. You aced it in school and you know you’re an expert. A confident tutor always goes into every session with a clear plan and a ready-to-teach attitude. Students and parents rely on their tutors to ensure a positive and fulfilling session.

Ryan M., a test-prep tutor, comes into each session with a clear plan. When he first tutored his student, Peter, in the SSATs, he made sure to provide a diagnostic test to assess Peter’s strengths and weaknesses. To get started, he made a step-by-step plan for the month. Peter and his parents feel at ease because Ryan is confident through his demonstration of organization, knowledge, and expertise.

You’re responsive. You can communicate with students and parents in a timely fashion. The best tutors respond quickly to student requests, messages, and emails, which demonstrates responsibility.

Maria K., a chemistry tutor, always responds to parents and students within an hour. Whenever she gets a first-time student, she immediately calls the parent to introduce herself and to get to know the student. She makes it a point to inform parents and students about her availability, and reschedules immediately if she ever needs to.

You over communicate. You take initiative instead of waiting on the parent or student. A great tutor also keeps everyone on the same page when it comes to scheduling, lesson plans, and goals.

Ritwik R., a computer science tutor, constantly checks in with his students and parents so that he’s always aware of their situation. He talks to parents after sessions to give them regular updates. Ritwik also sends reminder texts to his students to let them know about upcoming sessions and any assignment deadlines. He overcommunicates so that it’s always clear when a session is happening, and so everyone is on the same page.

You’re professional. Tutors are responsible and professional. This means that you’re considerate in what you say, do, and wear. You’re also well-prepared with lesson plans, arrive promptly to sessions, and are reliable in what you say and do to help students.

“Our son began working with Yoojin (a fantastic tutor) in order to get ready for the SHSAT, and she was nothing short of amazing. Her sessions with him were tailored to his personality — she was firm, but kind, which was exactly what my son needed. Yoojin then coached my daughter through the 4th grade state tests, and, though they are VERY different children, she immediately found the right approach for Maddie. Yoojin was simply terrific from start to finish.”

– Katie M. (parent)

Get Paid to Share Your Knowledge

how to tutor and use your knowledge

To put icing on the cake, tutors make meaningful income and can teach whenever they have time in their schedule. Not a lot of on-demand opportunities offer that level of flexibility, especially when they’re paid and fulfilling at the same time!

On that note, tutoring on Gooroo pays $60/hr for in-person sessions. That’s more than enough to pay for your next big vacation to Hawaii or to fuel your next personal project. As a plus, you get to pass on your knowledge to the next generation of learners.

If you have the itch to use your smarts, work with students, and make $60/hr, you might want to think about becoming a tutor.

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Scott Lee

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