Garden Week: What It Is and What to Plant


Do you have a green thumb? Would you like to be eating produce from your own plot? Or, have a beautiful display of flowers and shrubs to enjoy? Well, it’s time to get outside and join your community for this year’s garden week! Not sure what this is? Don’t worry, this blog’s got you covered on what flowers and produce are perfect to plant. 

What is Garden Week?

National Garden Week is all about encouraging community betterment. Organised by the National Club, its president wants to promote:

Need more reasons to work in the Garden? Check out these health benefits!

  1. Exposure to Vitamin D. Working outside is a great way to get your sunshine. Don’t forget to protect your skin and eye! 
  2. Mood-boosting effects. A study in the Netherlands found that gardening gifts stress better than other hobbies. 
  3. Enjoyable aerobic exercise. Pulling weeds, and twisting and bending while you work helps with strength, stamina, and flexibility. 
  4. Combats loneliness. Community plots are collaborative projects in shared open spaces where individuals can work alongside others. As well as provide affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Summer Flowers

So, now you know why you should plant a garden, what should you put in it? First, let’s list some flowers that have beautiful summer blooms. 

Wildflowers are all the rage. Blooming later in the summer season, they will stay in your garden into the fall. But, now is the time to plant them! 


Very versatile, marigolds enjoy full sun and hot days. They grow well in dry or moist soil. Once planted, this yellow-coloured flower requires little care. They do as well without fertiliser as they do without. 


Coming in a variety of colours (pink, orange, red and yellow, white and maroon) cosmos can reach as tall as 6 feet. Because of their height, they will need some protect from the wind. And, should be grown against a fence to support the stem. 


These flowers should be planted right in the garden bed. That means they can’t be transported from a container. Full sun and good air circulation is essential for zinnias. They will die with the first hard frost of Autumn. 


A very common Summer flower, sunflowers growing incredibly quickly and incredibly tall. Since they point their heads towards the sun, ensure they are planted directly in its light. Otherwise, these flowers are largely not too fussy. The National Garden Bureau has decreed 2021 the Year of the Sunflower!

What Produce to Plant in Your Garden

Looking for something to add to your summer recipes? Plant these! They should be ready by July/August. 

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