Spring Flowers: Spotting Their Colourful Blooms

spring flowers

There’s something so magical about Spring. It’s as if the world is waking up again. Firstly, spring flowers begin to bloom. Then, the animals start to come out of hibernation. And before we know it, we’re making the gradual transition into Summer. In today’s blog, we’ll highlight what flowers to look out for this season, what their blooms symbolise, and how to care for you own Spring garden. 

Spring Flowers

Here are some of our top picks for flowers that are starting to show their faces. 


A beautiful vibrant-coloured flower, this bulb is not afraid of the cold. They are known to bloom even when there’s still snow on the ground. Crocuses comes in a variety of colours from pinks and oranges to purples and blues. They also “naturalise” meaning that they spread and come back year after year. Therefore making them the perfect spring flower for your garden. 


Another vibrant spring flower, these petals come in shades of yellow or white. Their presence usually marks the start of spring. Please note, daffodil plants are toxic to animals, including dogs and cats. 


Hyacinths are plants that have close clusters of strongly fragrant flowers. Like Daffodils, these bulbs contain a substance which can irritate bare skin. Therefore, it’s important to wear gloves when gardening. 


Found on a bush rather than a single stem, these yellow-budded shrubbery are fast-growing and adaptable. Not only are they eye-catching to us humans, but they also garner the attention of bees, birds, and butterflies. 


Coming in bright jewel tones, these flowers are also resilient in fairing the cold weather. Their beautiful shape makes it clear why their the national bloom of the Netherlands.  

Pansies, Primrose, and Violas (Oh My)

You may recognise these flowers as some of blooms Alice encounters when she’s in Wonderland. These colourful flowers thrive in cool-weather and come in a range of hues and patterns. 


These spring flowers come a little later in the season, but have green leaves that maintain their colour even in the winter. Climate-wise, they thrive in damp environments. Like the forsythia, these flowers appear rather bush-like in their hues of pinks, red, whites, yellows, and purples. 

The Symbolism of Flowers

Flowers having meaning are as old as folklore and myth. These symbols are a means of silent communication and delivering messages that can’t be spoken out loud. Here are what our mentioned spring flowers signify: 

How To Make Your Spring Flowers Bloom

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