Father’s Day Gifts and Activities to Treat Dad

father's day

Father’s Day is celebrated this Sunday, June 20th, in the US. Do you have a father figure in your life you want to appreciate? Are you unsure what gift or activity you should give to them? Don’t worry, today’s blog covers all that. Plus, the history of this holiday. 

The History of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a holiday of honouring fatherhood and paternal bonds. Additionally, it recognises the influence of father in society. In Catholic European countries it is celebrated on Saint Joseph’s Day. This has been the case since the middle ages. 

There are two incidents that led to the formation of Father’s Day in the US. First, in 1908, Grace Golden Clayton proposed the day to honour those me who lost their lives in a  mini accident. Second, in 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd connived the Spokane Ministerial Association to celebrate the day worldwide. This was because after attending Mother’s Day in church she was inspired to honour her father who raised her and her give brothers alone. 

fathers day

Activities to Do with Dad

Not sure what to do this Sunday? Check out these ideas!

  1. Scavenger Hunt. For the dads who love games, mystery, and history. Either take him on a professionally organised hunt or create your own. You could visit locations or complete tasks that are sentimental to your relationship. 
  2. Movie Night. Grab your dad’s favourite snacks and find his ideal movie. Maybe you want to try something new together? Or is there a film that your dad can watch over and over again? 
  3. Play/Watch a Sport. As stadiums begin to open up, why not take your dad to a ballgame. Rain or shine, win or lose, you’re bound to have a great time!
  4. Fishing or Boating. While this might be cliche, water sports are the best activity to hang out with your dad and fight off the heat. 
  5. Cook a Meal. Treat your dad to a fine meal of all his favourite foods and beverages. Either bond by cooking together or foot the bill at his go-to joint. 
  6. Make Something Together. Creating something that can become a new memory is a great way to spend time with your loved ones this Father’s Day. 
  7. Dad Day. Have a day that’s all about your father. Take a trip to a spa or hike through nature — anything that gives you the time to learn more about your dad and his life!

Father’s Day Gifts

Gifts are a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them and that you listen to their interests. Dad’s are notoriously hard to buy for however we have some gift ideas that always god down a treat! 

Something Baked

Who doesn’t love to be surprised with their favourite baked good? Grab a mixing bowl and get started on measuring ingredients out. You can place the finished dessert in a tin with a handwritten personal note on top. 

Something Personalised

There are a bunch of websites that can create personalised gifts. However, we recommend hand making a craft this Father’s Day. It could be something as simple as a homemade card, or more extravagant like a tie. 

A Subscription

Another Dad stereotype is that they’re always watching sport or reading the paper or both. Why not gift them a subscription to their favourite outlet! Have a dad that’s always curious? Gooroo Courses is a platform filled with new hobbies and information — only $9.99/month!

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