Virtual Learning – 10 Courses Fit for Your Family

Virtual learning is not only the future of education and personal development but the solution to the dilemma we are faced with today–a global pandemic. Gooroo, an educational technology company created a streaming platform called, ‘Gooroo Courses’. This platform offers on-demand educational courses ranging from guitar lessons to chemistry labs to software coding. Check out some of the most popular virtual learning courses below!

Fall Fun for the Family

Virtual learning course on sustainable cooking

Sustainable Cooking: 5 Easy Apple Recipes by Anna Simmons

Autumn means apples, and apples mean delicious apple treats! Anna will guide you step by step through the recipes for apple chips, an apple mocktail, apple and sweet potato latkes, and an apple coffee cake. Fun for the whole family and a sweet way to spend your fall days!

Virtual learning course on exercise

Jump In: Jump Rope For Beginners by Leah Platt

Grab a jump rope, get outside, and get moving in this introductory course for new jumpers! Leah explores the foundations of jumping safely, teaches some easy tricks, and plays around with the most efficient and fun cardio workout.

Virtual learning course on guitar

Let’s Play: Imagine Dragons! by Soon Il Higashino

Learn how to play two songs by Imagine Dragons with Soon Il! Great for beginner guitar players, these two bright and upbeat songs are a lot of fun to master and will challenge you to try new strumming patterns.

Academics for All

Virtual learning course on slam poetry

Intro to Slam Poetry by Sara Susan

Immerse yourself in the world of slam poetry and craft your own original poems. Sara shows you how anybody can be a poet and become a part of a supportive community of creatives. From the history of slam poetry to actual artistic creation, you’ll be inspired to start writing today.

Virtual learning course on science and cooking

Chemistry Kitchen: The Secret Science of Dessert by Nivita Arora

Starting with the foundations of Chemistry, Nivita will guide you on a journey through the science behind baking. By the end of the course, you’d be able to ace a chemistry test, as well as create your favorite desserts from scratch — though maybe not at the same time!

Something for Your Young Scholars 

Virtual learning course on mathematics

Math In The Real World by Emily Rosenblum

What is better than grasping concepts in math at a young age? Emily is here to teach young learners all about how math is all around us in the world. She goes over shapes, numbers, and position words. Young learners will have the opportunity to draw and observe math all around them! 

Virtual learning course on reading

Knights Adventures: A Magic Tree House Story and Knight Activities by Rachel Middleton

This course is a read aloud read by Rachel! She takes you into the medieval times as she reads the book, “A Magic Tree House Story.” You can read along with her, or just sit back and enjoy the adventure! At the end, she will also lead an activity on designing your own knight. You can create a masterpiece as she walks you through what you can include on your knight that represents you.

Virtual learning course on painting

Let’s Paint a Masterpiece Together! by Eve Pomerantz

Paint a famous masterpiece with Eve! In her virutal learning course, she covers basic color mixing, brush technique, and inspires you to dive into art history. Through close observation of masterworks, you will learn all about color, composition, texture, and everything else about painting.

Learn a New Language

Virtual learning course on Italian

Fundamentals of Italian by Luca Brambilla

Have you been wanting to learn a new language? Now is the time to start! Luca, our instructor for the course, “Fundamentals of Italian” will start off with some basic and very practical words, phrases, and idioms! Luca will dive into Italian greetings, numbers and time, months of the year, and the best for last, food and drinks!

Virtual learning course on Arabic

Arabic Conversation for Beginners by Fady Ahad

If you want to start to learn how to speak Arabic, Fady has a beginner virtual learning course for you! Fady has years of experience that he has used to design this course to teach you basic greetings within conversations, and some new vocabulary that is helpful with any conversation! He has designed his course so you have time to watch, learn, and try it on your own!

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