Content Creator: How to Get Started

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The birth of the internet, alongside the evolution of technology, has seen the advent of more digitally-centred jobs. From software engineers to video game designers, the digital age has created a new kind of career for the tech-savvy. And, no position appears to be more profitable a role than the content creator. In today’s blog, we’ll tell you tips and tricks on how you too can get involved in generating material for the internet. 

What is content creator?

Well, a content creator is anyone who creates content. Typically, this material is then posted digitally in either text, video, or audio form. It can be as corporate as writing social media copy for a company, or as independent as being an “influencer” with a following on apps such as Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube. Content creators often have skills in: communication, editing (of either writing, film, or sound), and a working knowledge of popular internet culture. They have carved out their own niche on the web. Established creators can make up to six figures a year! 

How to Get Started

So you’re interested in becoming a content creator? Maybe you’re interested in making short skits or vlogs for Youtube, want to share your creativity and style on Instagram, or know how to make the perfect minute-max bite for TikTok. Wherever your passions lie, here’s how to get you started. 

What do you need?

It might seem like you need high-end equipment to be content creator. Well, although having good quality material is never a bad thing, it’s more important to establish your voice and style before you invest in expensive gear. 

Most smartphones nowadays come with pretty decent video and audio capture. What’s more, they can also feature editing software, or you can find similar apps on your laptop. It’s worth playing around with this tech to familiarise yourself with its functions.

The most important thing you need is your creativity. 

What do you create?

What are you interested in? Do you think there is an audience for your work? Or do you not care so much about a following and just want to create something? No matter what your motivation is, it’s key to at least make something and go from there. Regularly releasing content allows for you to start to generate an audience. In turn, this following will give you feedback that you can implement. The more you do something, the better you’ll become at it. 

Use the first couple of tries to find your voice. You can certainly look at other content creators for inspiration, but carbon-copies rarely last as long as the real thing. Don’t be afraid to be experimental and step out of your comfort zone. 

Other Tips for Content Creation

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  1. Once you’ve started a momentum of generating content, set goals. Maybe you want a certain amount of followers or view counts? Or maybe you want more people interacting with you in the comment section? Having something to achieve helps to motivate you and regulates the generation of content. 
  2. Remember, you define what success means to you
  3. Map out your content. Having a plan before you get started will help make the end product clearer and feel more attainable. 
  4. Retain your passion. Burn-out is very much real, especially when you’re self-employed. Check-in with yourself to see if you still feel passionate about what you’re creating. There is no harm in taking a break or trying something new. 

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Lydia B.

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