Weather and Listening Skills: Next on Gooroo Clubs

weather and listening skills

Another week, another release of new and exciting content on Gooroo Clubs. Not sure what’s in store? Keep reading to get the low down on all things magnets and music theory. Plus, there’s a change in the weather: find out how you can prepare for it in next week’s Maker Club!

What are we Learning this Week?

Gooroo Clubs this week was all about fundamental concepts — whether it be learning how to read sheet music, or experimenting with forces and interactions. Check out what we’re up to in…

Music Club

Gooroo Liza W. uses her classical piano knowledge to guide us through the fundamentals of Basic Sight Reading. She’ll have you reading music like a pro in no time! This week, you will learn how to:

Ultimately, improving your musicianship and setting you up for future courses in Music Club. 

Maker Club

“May the force always be with you” with Max S.’s series on Forces and Interactions. Have you ever wondered how we move in space? What drives the push and pull on objects, and why should we care about it? Or, what prevents a parked car from rolling down a hill? How do objects relate to each other in space? Put your knowledge of force, friction, magnetism and electricity into action by building your own balloon-powered car!

Utilise basic math and geometry and expand your scientific understanding that will weather you through future conundrums and questions! 

Weather Forecasts, Listening Skills, and a New Club

While there’s plenty to fill your brain with this week, it’s always fun to know what to expect next. Look no further, for this is what’s in store!

In Maker Club, Gooroo Ariella F. is back to teach us about Weather and Climate. Predict the weather like a professional by learning all about the science of the atmosphere. First, understand how the four types of weather fronts – warm, cold, stationary, and occluded – dramatically alter the weather. Next, become a weatherman yourself and create a device to predict the weather on your own. Lastly, create your own rain cloud to identify the three major cloud types and understand the weather associated with each type.

You will need: 


In Music Club, our Music Gooroo’s Brooke T., Frank V., and Liza W. team up to teach us musical listening skills. Interpret music with a critical ear by learning the fundamental tenets of musicianship. First, Liza show us how to use words, shapes, and colours to explore how emotions are captured in melody, rhythm, and harmony. Then, Brooke explains the definition of repetition, how we see it in song form and genre, hear it in melodies, and why our brains react favourably toward repetition. Last, but not least, Frank guides us through the transcribing process and how to learn our favourite pieces by ear!

You will need:


Next week we will also be introducing a new club! Calling all environmentalists, foragers, and conservationists — learn how to advocate for the earth with Eco Club.

See you next week!

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