Vacation Destinations (When It’s Safe to Travel)


With vaccinations now available to New Yorkers aged 16+, travel seems like it may be on the cards this Summer. While international destinations are still ill-advised, there are plenty of desirable locations perfect for a sunny vacation. In today’s blog, we’ll highlight some idyllic places in the US for your Summer Holidays as well as provide a check list for what to bring with you!

Destinations in the US

Here is a non-exhaustive list of vacation destinations:

Lots of Open Space

If you’re still feeling a little anxious, maybe consider going somewhere where you’ll have no issue being six-feet apart.

Grand Canyon. Voted the #1 vacation destination in the US, the Grand Canyon boasts incredible views that go on for miles and miles. While it can get incredible hot, the north rim is only open in the Summer time. Thus giving you the option to steer away from the crowds.

Yosemite. Located in California, this National Park has excellent hiking trails — even for beginners. Want to beat the crowds? Consider starting your day a little earlier. 

Sedona. While it can be over-shined by another Arizona destination, Sedona is equally as beautiful with its fiery rock formations. What’s more, it hosts a number of spas perfect for melting the stress of this year away. 

Zion National Park. We do love a good National Park here at Gooroo — and Zion is no exception! Found in South-West Utah, this vacation spot is ideal for any city-dweller who wants to see the stars. 

True Beach-Vacation Bliss

If you prefer a destination that’s a little more relaxed — check out these vacation spots:

Maui. Although it can be a bit of a trek to get to Hawaii, you will not be disappointed when you arrive. Maui is the perfect balance of culture and beach-life. Plus, you can even visit a (dormant) volcano!

Lake Tahoe. While not technically a beach, Lake Tahoe’s crystal-clear water is not to be missed. Take a hot air balloon tour to see the sights, or ride a gondola up the mountains.

San Diego. Famous for its food and zoo, San Diego offers a number of beaches perfect for a vacation get-a-way. 

Miami. This Florida city is home to Little Havana: a multicultural neighbourhood that celebrates Cuban culture and cuisine. 

Live Large in the City

Sometimes a bustling city is exactly what you need from a vacation. If so, check these urban jungles out:

San Francisco. Colourful and beautiful, San Francisco is never short of things to do. Visit its famous Golden Gate Bridge, or spend your day exploring its many vibrant neighbourhoods. 

New Orleans. This city boasts a unique blend of Caribbean and European culture. A true survivor, New Orleans will have you tapping along to its jazzy tunes.

Washington, D.C. There’s a lot going down in the Capital. The city hosts some of the finest museums in the country. JFK defined it as a “city of southern efficiency and northern charm”.

New York City. We may be biased on this one, but a lot of songwriters would agree that New York City is where to be. With Broadway in the works to reopen later in the year, life is reawakening in the Big Apple once more. 

Vacation Checklist

Alongside the usual toiletries and IDs, here are some recommended items to have on you if you decide to travel this Summer:

Remember to stay safe and listen to all recommendations and guidelines!

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