Types of Pasta

types of pasta

Pasta is a staple dish of the Italian diet. In fact, 63% of Italians says they eat the multi-shaped carb every day. There are different types of pasta that come in all shapes and sizes and can be eaten with a plethora of different sauces and cheeses. In today’s blog, we’ll go over the basic fundamentals of pasta from choosing the noodle, to cooking it, to new pasta sauce ideas to complete the dish. 

Types of Pasta

Here are some popular pasta types that you can choose from.

Long Pasta

These long thin ribbons go best with smoother sauces.

Short Pasta

These types of noddles are great at holding onto all types of sauces

Stuffed Pasta

This type of pasta can be filled with all sorts of ingredient combinations.

Other Types of Pasta

Tips for cooking.

  1. Add salt to the water. This will help to salt your pasta. 
  2. Make sure water is boiled before you put pasta in. This means the pasta will cook quicker and more consistently. 
  3. Add olive oil if you’re cooking long pasta. This will help stop the noodles from sticking together. 
  4. Taste-test your pasta before taking it off a boil. Make sure it has the perfect bite (based on your preference). 
  5. Don’t wash your pasta after you drain in. The starch on the pasta will help the sauce stick better. 

Pasta Sauce Ideas

I’ve said that different types of pasta work best with different sauces. However, these sauce ideas work with any of your favourite noodles. 

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