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Have you always been interested in painting or drawing? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of becoming the next Picasso or Van Gogh. On the other hand, maybe you just started your craft and need a little extra guidance. Regardless of your art background, our Gooroos want to help you explore your passion or newfound interest.

Gooroo Eve works on Van Gogh's The Starry Night in her painting masterpieces series
Gooroo Eve works on Van Gogh’s The Starry Night in her painting masterpieces series

Here at Gooroo Courses, our Gooroos have many painting and drawing ideas that can help you grow as an artist. Even if you don’t see yourself as an artist yet, creativity and passion is all you need. It’s something to be proud of.

Give the Gift of Art

Give the gift of learning art this holiday season with Gooroo Courses!
Give the gift of learning art this holiday season with Gooroo Courses!

At Gooroo, we aim to make learning more accessible for all, no matter your interest or skill level. Do you have a child who really wants to learn how to paint or draw? Do you have a sister or brother that is always sitting down with a canvas or their sketchpad? This holiday season, you can give them more than just art supplies. You can give them the gift of learning art. Our team has developed numerous videos to help those in your life who love the arts and want to grow their passions.

Painting with a Twist 

Gooroo Sam paints using a cotton swab in her painting with unconventional methods course
Gooroo Sam paints using a cotton swab in her painting with unconventional methods course

If you’re stuck or looking for inspiration, we’re here to provide some painting ideas. Whether you’re a novice painter or an experienced artist, there’s always something new you can learn. Enhance the painting skills you already have and refine your technique with help from our Gooroo instructors. Check out some of these popular Gooroo Courses on painting with unconventional methods, drawing and painting famous masterpieces, and making prints with paint bubbles!

New Things to Draw!

If you're looking for things to draw, check out Cecilia's course on calligraphy!
Check out Cecilia’s course on learning the foundations of calligraphy!

When you think about drawing, what comes to mind? Does it help you relax? Maybe it helps relieve your stress, or express feelings and thoughts. If you love to draw or have always wanted to learn, our Gooroos can help. Flex your artistic muscles with courses like drawing professionally in Adobe Illustrator, learning the foundations of Calligraphy, or Making Patterns: For the Bored and Artistically Inclined.

Positive Effects of Art

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Patience is being tested daily, and it might feel harder to get through the day. If you or someone you love is struggling, we want to help.

Drawing and painting can help relieve stress, manage emotions, promote expression, encourage calmness, and so much more. Even if you only have basic art supplies to start, that’s enough to draw or paint amazing artistic creations. Check out one of our courses on art therapy to see what we’re talking about! With the help of Gooroo Courses, you can learn how to express yourself, build your craft, and develop your lifelong passion for the arts. 

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