Teaching children report writing

Writing reports is a process that many students have difficulty mastering, beginning with their very first research assignment in elementary school and continuing through the more complicated reports required in middle school and high school. Students have the option of breaking up the project into prewriting, preparing, writing, and editing stages, regardless of whether the report is on a book, historical subject, scientific inquiry activity, or another form of a report.

Information research for the report

The process of writing begins with the selection of a subject, which is followed by the collection of the material that will be necessary before writing can begin. It is exactly the same as when you make a home out of Legos; before beginning building, you must first plan out your house and collect all of the necessary components.

You will need to do research on the subject you will be covering in your report. This implies that you will need to acquire material on the issue that you can utilize in your report. There are two primary categories of research sources: print sources such as informative books, periodicals, encyclopedias, newspapers, and interviews, and internet and media sources such as search engines, television, movies, and music. Interviews are another important sort of research source.

Report organization 

The next step is to arrange the material that you acquired while doing the research. This will assist make it simpler for you to write the report later on. It’s similar to when you’re putting together the Lego parts for your home. You organize the blocks into their respective categories and colors. It is in order to make it simpler to get the required component at the appropriate time. Graphic organizers, such as essay maps, Venn diagrams, tables, and charts, are excellent tools for arranging the material you need to include in your report.

Writing the body

When writing their reports, students must now adhere to their outlines and make use of their notes. Students are permitted to return to their research if they feel the need to do so; however, they are not permitted to have any books open while they are writing the report. Make sure that your pupils are aware of how to properly attribute the material that they have gotten from their sources. The student’s ability to produce an appropriate introduction, body, and conclusion for their report is another skill that must be mastered.


In order for schoolchildren to be able to go over all of their hard work in an impartial manner. And with fresh eyes when it comes time for proofreading and editing. Instructors should give them a little break before giving them the assignment. Students will perform a lot better job if they wait one to three days before beginning their projects. Students go over their reports and modify and proofread them.

You could want to suggest to your pupils that they rewrite their final report on a piece of paper that is crisp, clean, and white. It is not always a good use of time to participate in this activity; nonetheless, it is exciting and encouraging for students to see a magnificent final copy of their reports being displayed.

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