Teaching article writing to kids

Article writing is a difficult talent to master. An extremely difficult ability to master. Not only do we put a lot of pressure on students to master the unpredictable spelling patterns and complex sentence structure of the English language, but we also necessitate them to know how to write for a diversity of purposes in both the fiction and nonfiction genres. This is a requirement that they must meet in order to graduate from our educational system.

In addition to this, writing is just one component of a single topic out of many others. The most effective method for assisting our students in overcoming the problem of writing in any genre is to work with them to disassemble complex ideas into their component pieces and to provide them with a fundamental formula to adhere to.

In this piece, we will discuss the process of article writing by dissecting it into its component elements and presenting a formulaic method that will provide our students with a fundamental framework to adhere to. After pupils have grasped this foundation, they may, of course, continue to experiment with other things. Though, while we wait for that to happen, there is plenty of opportunities for pupils to express themselves in the article form within the confines of the fundamental structure’s discipline.


The format and organization of an article will change significantly. It is if it is written with the intention of being published in a different medium, such as a newspaper, magazine, or online. Every one of these formats calls for a different set of materials. For instance, a magazine feature article may cover a subject in great detail. Allowing for lengthy, evocative paragraphs of exposition, whereas an online blog article may be full of a lot of short paragraphs. Both types of articles are examples of different approaches to the same topic. The writer must meet a variety of requirements in order to be successful with each of these formats; hence, the majority of publications (including newspapers, magazines, and major websites) offer authors detailed instructions about how to submit their work.

Tricks for article writing

Students may best absorb some of the habits of successful article writing by reading a wide variety of articles. This is the ideal approach for students to read articles. With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to get materials on almost any subject that piques one’s interest with only the click of a mouse.

Additionally, it is difficult to interest the reader when the writer themself is not into the topic. Make sure that the article themes your students pick ones that interest them personally (as much as is feasible!).

It does not matter what kind of article the student is going to be writing; they will be expected to do some research. The article’s outline will begin to take shape as a result of the research that was done. Without these two essential steps, articles face the risk of including incorrect information and particulars.

Information dissemination may take many different forms, but it is the central focus of any piece. Keeping things simple and making sure the reader can readily understand them is the most efficient approach to achieve this. This is particularly true when the subject at hand is difficult to comprehend. The last step for students is to make certain that when they have “completed” their work, it has been thoroughly proofread and edited.

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