Summer: How to Make the Most of Your Freedom


School is almost out for the summer! Well, in a couple of months that is. Still, making plans for how to best enjoy your freedom is always a great way to keep you motivated. Not sure how to spend your time? In today’s blog we’ll talk about the history of this vacation and how you can make the most of your months out of school. 

The History of Summer

Born out of the rise of middle and upper classes, summer break existed as an excuse to escape to the cool countryside. At the time, school wasn’t mandatory resulting in an affect on attendance and learning progress. Eventually legislators and unionists argued for a regulated break for all children. Agreeing that year-round learning was not ideal for an optimal education meant the birth of the summer vacation. 

The brain is a muscle and needs rest in order to function to its highest capabilities. Allowing students to have time off from school allows for this relaxation period. What’s more, children are able to escape the social pressures and homework demands they face at school. However, attending a camp or scheduled activity is not out of the norm and helps to keep students active and engaged. 

The length of this break varies from country to country. Places like Italy have 3 month summers to help escape the heat, while cooler places like the UK only have a 6-week break. Ending in June and commencing again after Labour Day, the US’s vacation is about 2 months long. 

How to Make the Most Of Your Freedom

Regardless of how much time-off you have, wanting to make the most of this freedom is a very common sentiment. Check out these suggestions for what to do this summer!

Join A Club/Camp

Summer Camp is a great way to get out of the house, make new friends, and catch up on any academic work you may have missed. Associated a lot with American culture, typically these camps entail sleeping in bunk beds and kayaking in rivers. However, while precautions for COVID are still in place most camps have moved online this year! In fact, here at Gooroo we’re stirring up an excellent summer plan for you…

Choosing the right camp can be tricky: there are programs specifically for performing arts, computer programming, and STEM. But, what if you’re someone who is interested in all those subjects? Gooroo’s exciting new project (launching May 27th) aims to provide hands-on projects in a variety of different topics. If you’re into it — we have a club for it! All from the comfort of your own home — allowing for students to participate at their own pace and schedules. 

Learn a New Skill

Don’t want to give too much of your summer away? Consider focusing on one or two skills you want to improve upon. It could be learning how to skip rope, or cooking your favourite meal. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to check out the Gooroo Courses catalogue for content that can help you get started!

Spend Time in the Great Outdoors

Being in nature is a wonderful way to spend your summer. However, going camp or for a hike isn’t always an accessible activity — especially if you live in the city. Instead, why not volunteer in a clean-up program? Or may join a local sports team? Spending energy outside is never time wasted. 

Reconnect with your Friends and Family

Taking a break is the perfect time to reconnect. All the activities we’ve listed can easily be shared with your family and friends. Don’t forget to grab a camera and document your memories!

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Lydia B.

Lydia B.

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