Picture Day: How to Be Worth a Thousand Words

picture day

As school’s return to being in session, Picture Day is on the horizon. While the idea of being photographed is daunting to some people, instead think of it as a token to remember your days at school. But, how can you ensure you look your best on the day? Today, we cover tips and tricks for taking the perfect shot.

Being Picture Perfect

A lot can go into taking a picture. So, we divided our advice up into handy categories!

How to Prepare

  1. Get a good night’s sleep. Having enough sleep is more beneficial than any priming and prepping you do on the day. Plus, being well-rested will help to calm any nerves. 
  2. Stay hydrated. By drinking a lot water the week prior, you skin will be fresh and glowing. Plus, drinking water is great for you health! 
  3. Give yourself enough time to get ready. This can be hard, especially if you’re a morning person. Instead, set aside your clothes the night before. Also, try different hairstyles so you know exactly what you want to do on the day!
  4. Prepare a suitable lunch. Your slot on Picture Day might be at any time — even after lunch! Therefore, it is helpful to eat foods that won’t ruin your outfit, or get stuck in your teeth. Some “safe” options include: cheese sandwiches and fruit and vegetables sticks and slice. 
  5. Carry an emergency kit. Noticed a last minute blemish, or stain on your shirt? Be sure to carry any helpful supplies with you on the day. 

What to Wear

While it’s always important to wear what makes you feel comfortable, certain articles of clothing don’t picture well. When picking our your outfit, remember: 

  1. Wear solid colours. Don’t take away from your lovely face! Also more muted tones fair better than bright colours. 
  2. Choose more traditional patterns. Similarly to wearing solid colours, they are distracting. If you’re pattern inclined, opt for plaid or stripes. 
  3. Embrace a more fitted look with a flattering neckline. Wear clothes that fit you nicely and compliment your body. 
  4. Ensure your outfit isn’t sheer or see-through. It might look fine in natural light, but sometimes a flash might expose more than your pearly whites. 

How to Stare

So, you’ve prepared for the day, and you know what to wear, but how do you actually pose for a photo? 

  1. If you have long hair, decided how you want to place it. It could be all behind the shoulders, half behind and half in front of the shoulders, or tied up and away from the face. 
  2. Pull your ears forward. This encourages you to point your chin and raise your face. 
  3. Lift your arm. Thus, letting you appear less awkward and give you more motion to relax into. 

Also, don’t actually say cheese! Instead, say “hi” as it looks more natural on camera. 

Other Tips

Feeling nervous about being photographed on Picture Day?

  1. Stay calm. This can be easier said than done. But remember, you don’t have to actually strive for perfection. Instead…
  2. Embrace your imperfections. Remember, you are completely unique to yourself and that should be celebrated! 
  3. Smile! It will trick your brain into feeling less nervous.

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Lydia B.

Lydia B.

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