Phrases and Chemical Reactions: Gooroo Clubs Next Week

phrases and forms

Gooroo Clubs officially launched this week with hands-on projects in Music and STEM. But, what have we got in store for our next content release? In today’s blog, we go over what we’ve learnt so far. Plus, the lowdown on phrases, forms, chemical reactions, and an exciting new Club. 

What Did We Learn Last Week?

I hope you were as excited as were we to see our new Gooroos instruct us in their areas of expertise! Check out what we got up to in Gooroo Clubs this week. 

Music Club

Brooke T. taught us that Everyone’s a Musician. First, we learnt the rules of rhythm in music from reading, to hearing, to writing. We were then able to understand the additive and subtractive nature of rhythm. 

Then, we explored the differences between Western and Eastern pitches. We broke down the 12 notes in Western harmony whilst learning about the musical alphabet, sharps and flat, and the concept of tonal harmony. 

Lastly, we listened to common techniques of musical expression. We took our musicianship to the next level by understanding dynamics, tempo, articulations, timbre and phrases. 

Maker Club

Ariella F. took us around Space Systems. Starting with the Sun, Moon, and the Earth, we learnt how they interacted with one another. We created an art project to represent these facts. 

Then, we discovered how the Sun and Earth interact to create seasonal change. It was great having a project that helped us see how that happens!

Lastly, we navigated our way through the Moon and Mars. We understood why we cannot just inhabit the Moon as we do the Earth.

Phrases and Forms and Chemical Reactions

So, what do we have in store for our next content release? Well…

In Maker Club, embrace the science of chemical change! This week’s topic is all about reactions and transformation. Gooroo Joyce S. shows us hands-on ways to observe physical and chemical changes we observe in our everyday lives. First, we’ll look at colour changing pennies. Then, using colorful candies, you will explore the four types of chemical reactions and the fundamentals of stoichiometry. We’ll end off the week with a cold and hot volcano experiment, that will examine how energy is given off or taken in to make chemical reactions occur.

You will need:


Are Phrases and Forms similar to sentences and paragraphs? Learn how to define and distinguish them with this week’s topic in Music Club. Through tension and resolution, Gooroo Frank V. takes us through the feeling of phrasing and forms — the road maps for all music. Create a melody using new knowledge in chord fundamentals, stable and unstable notes, and The Blues. This topic is perfect for all budding instrumentalists and composers! 

You will need: 

A New Club?

Music and Maker Club aren’t the only subjects we’ll have on offer. Are you an aspiring environmentalist? Next week, watch this space for the launch of our new club all about being eco-friendly!

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