New Year New You – 10 Courses to Start off 2021

Let Gooroo help you fulfill that new year new you mentality

Happy new year! What a tumultuous year 2020 was. I think I can speak for all of us hoping 2021 is a whole lot better. And there’s no better way to start off a new year than by learning something new. To help you, your partner, your friend, and your family, we’ve gathered 10 amazing Gooroo courses to fulfill that new year new you mentality.

New Year New You New skills

Introduction to Chess: Part 1 by Ivan I.

Have you seen The Queen’s Gambit? If not, check it out on Netflix now! If you have, you might feel that new interest to pick up chess (chess boards are at their highest demand in decades!). Learn the basics of the game, board, and strategy from Gooroo instructor Ivan so you can become the next Beth Harmon!

Still Life Photography by Kaela English

If you have a smart phone or any camera lying around, you’re a photographer. But how do you develop an eye for framing, lighting, and capturing the best picture possible? Gooroo instructor Kaela has done a number of courses on photography. One in particular to check out is on still life photography. This is a great course to help you capture time in quarantine and appreciate the little things around your home or neighborhood! 

Korea Lover – How to Read Korean Hangul (Vowels) by Kim Jinhyoung

Learning a new language is a great way to start a new year. Eventually, our borders will open up and we’ll be able to travel again. One potential destination could be Korea! If you don’t want to travel, maybe you just want to better understand the ever-growing K-pop movement and groups like BTS or Aespa. In either case, you should definitely check out our introduction to Korean series from Kim!

How to Play Piano: The Basics by Lydia Breckon

Learning a new instrument is often a new year’s resolution. Piano has to be one of the most classic and influential instruments to pick up. With the help of Gooroo Instructor Lydia, learn the basics of keys, notes, and playing with both hands. Many researchers have documented the stress-relieving properties of music, so what better way to spend time in the new year! 

Premiere Pro for Beginners – Part 1: Basic Workflow by Rui L.

With all this at-home time, we have a great opportunity to learn a new software. If you’ve wanted to edit videos for your family, or grow your skills for your career, check out this introduction course on Adobe Premiere! Gooroo instructor Rui walks you through the basics of this incredible software so you can become a film editor in no time.

Staying Healthy and WELLthy

Work It Out: Bodyweight HIIT Circuit Training by Leah Platt

With gym closings, cold weather, and a pandemic, it’s really hard to keep exercising. Luckily, we have a number of courses on at-home workouts that don’t involve any equipment. Check out Gooroo instructor Leah’s course on bodyweight HIIT circuit training to get a good sweat in 2021. 

Food Sustainability: How to Reduce Food Waste? by Samadnya Kalaskar

With all of this at-home cooking and shopping, food waste can be a huge issue. We all have to do our part to try and address climate change. Gooroo instructor Samadnya made a course to address this very issue. Go through the numerous tips and strategies of preventing food waste and being a more sustainable shopper and cook. 

Snap Finance! Snap into Your Finances While Young by Dena Samad

In tough times, finances have been strapped. It’s essential to practice healthy financial habits right now. Thankfully, Gooroo instructor Dena made a great course on developing a budget, planning for retirement and more. If you’re young, she has a section on developing credit, vital for future purchases and financial flexibility. 

For the Kids

Spanish to English: La Princesa y el Guisante, The Princess and the Pea by Tori White

What a year for our children. Give them a nice break with a read aloud from Gooroo instructor Tori. Plus if they’re trying to learn or grow a new language, they’ll really benefit from a bilingual read aloud. Check out her course on the classic story of The Princess and the Pea (La Princesa y la Guisante). 

What to Draw When You’re Bored: Cool Things to Draw by Eve Pomerantz

When we’re bored or just need a break, doodling can be a great way to let our minds wonder. Our Gooroo instructor Eve has an incredible set of videos on how to draw (really well) some classic food items like a pizza or a cupcake. They’re super fun and easy for all ages, so check them out!

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