Morning Call: Creating a Morning Routine

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Creating a morning call to jump start your day is the best way to encourage productivity. Establishing a routine that wakes up your mind and body is essential in preparing yourself for a day of work. It can help you feel at ease and raring to go. In today’s blog, we’ll go over some activities you can add to your morning call as well as how to establish and create this routine. 

What to Include in your Morning Call


Having a cold shower or splashing water on your face is a great way to wake yourself up in the morning. It’s important to give your skin a fresh start, especially if you’re someone who likes to wear make up on a daily basis. Even if your skincare regimen isn’t a laundry list of products, remember that a good cleanser and moisturiser can go a long way. And, most importantly, don’t forget to put on SPF even if the only sunlight you expose yourself to is through your window! 

Breakfast – The Most Important Part of a Morning Call!

It’s a cliché, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s good to listen to your body and feed it when it’s hungry. Perhaps you just want a piece of fruit, or maybe you want to try out some new meal ideas (check out some recipes here!). Whatever you eat, be sure to give yourself the time to sit and exist in the morning. Alongside breakfast, remember to drink at least one glass of water! 


Yoga is a great way to destress and call in the new energy of the day. Breathing exercises help to stimulate the brain and prepare it for work. There are a variety of different types of yoga to choose from. Some exercises are designed to make you sweat while others are there to encourage contemplation. Whatever you choose, yoga will help ground you in the moment and prepare your body and mind for success. 

Brain Training 

Another way to get your mind ready for the day is to participate in brain training activities. This is where Gooroo Courses really has you covered! Maybe you could start the day by brushing up on a new language or discovering a new scientific concept. Or maybe you want a calmer activity like learning to draw something cute. Make time in your schedule to teach yourself something you’re passionate about and believe in your potential even in the early hours of the morning!


Journalling helps you to set intentions for the day and voice any anxieties you may have. Like yoga, it’s another way to connect to your subconsciousness and to create a sense of calm. Think of journaling as the ultimate “me-time” and an essential part of your morning call in establishing your mood and goals for the day. 

How to Create a Routine

So now that you’ve decided what you want in your morning call, how do you go about doing it? Here are some tips on creating a routine: 

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