Monopoly Rules: How to Play the Game

monopoly rules

As the holiday season approaches, we start to think back on previous years of playing board games with our families. Often, the game starts simply and pleasantly with only mild appearances of competitiveness. But, as the longer games drag on soon arguments erupt over the correct way to play the game. However, this year can be different. In today’s blog, we share monopoly rules so that there can be no debate over if someone’s cheating or not.

Monopoly Rules: How to Play

Monopoly is a fairly straight-forward multi-player game. Thus, making it a family favourite to crack out during the festive season. The aim of the game is to achieve ownership of the entire board via money gained from “rent”. To play you’ll need:

At the start of the game, each player places their token on ‘Go’ and is provided with $1500. This breaks down as: 2 x $500, $100, and $50; 6 x $20; and 5 x $10, $5, and $1. One player is the banker with separate assets which control all remaining money and all properties and buildings until they are purchased. This is separate from the player’s own assets.

Game Play

To work who goes first, each player roles the dice. Whoever gets the highest total starts. Then, it follows players in a clockwise formation.

When its a player turn, their are four main actions they can partake in.

  1. First, roll the dice. Then move the number of squares indicated. If you rolled doubles, roll again after your turn is completed. Remember, each time you pass “Go”, you collect $200 from the Bank.
  2. Next, you may buy the property you land on if it’s not already owned. If you decide not to purchase, the Banker auctions the property to the highest bidder. However, you can chose not to include this rule in your game. Instead only allowing properties to be bought if they’re landed on.
  3. Following this, if you own all properties in a colour group, you may start building. But remember, building must be equal on all properties in a group. For example, you may not place two buildings on one property unless all other properties have one building present. What’s more, any property can have a total of four houses. Once this total is reach, a hotel can be bought to replace them. Properties like Utilities and Railroads cannot be developed.
  4. Lastly, if you land on a tile you do not own, you need to pay rent. This is determined by the Title Deed. However, you may be lucky and instead land somewhere that requires you to draw a community chest or chance card. Instead, follow the instructions and return to the bottom of the pile once the action is completed.


Alongside these monopoly rules, there is also the risk of going to “Jail”. This can happen by:

  1. Landing on a space marked “Go to Jail”
  2. Drawing a card marked “Go to Jail”
  3. Rolling doubles three times in a row

To get out you can:

  1. Pay the $50 fine before rolling the dice
  2. Use a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card before rolling the dice
  3. Roll doubles

After the 3rd failed attempt, you must pay the $50 fine and leave “Jail”.

And there you have it, the basic monopoly rules.

The End of the Game

Only 45 minutes in and can already feel the tension brewing? Well, don’t worry because you can end the game at any time! Simply tally up the total worth of each player and whoever is the biggest tycoon wins.

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