Matter, Energy Flows, and Musical Theatre

matter and musical theatre

Next week, we’re back with more exciting content. Including, a new topic in our conservation-driven Eco Club! So, grab your seasonally-themed beverage and keep reading to see what matter we have in store. 

What are we Learning this Week?

This week is all about collaboration and the climate. 

Our Music Gooroos team up to teach us about Interpreting Music. These are fundamental skills that help us understand and talk about difference pieces, styles, and the emotions they evoke from us. Following along as:

Interpret music with a critical ear by learning the fundamental tenets of musicianship.

In our new club, Payton welcomes in all Earth Kids to learn about Global Warming and the Biosphere. By building your own terrarium, you’ll learn about:

Get ready to advocate for our planet!

Last but not least, STEM Maker Club is all about Weather and Climate. With returning Gooroo Ariella F., construct weather within your home and create devices to make predictions about the climate. Develop an understanding for:

Predict the weather like a professional by learning all about the science of the atmosphere.

Matter, Energy Flows, and Musical Theatre

Already ready for the next week? Then, you better start gathering your materials! 

In Eco Club, we meet new Gooroo Ellie B. as they tell us about Energy Flows and Trophic Levels. 

Understand energy flow by examining every part of the food chain from decomposers and consumers to producers. 

First, learn the importance of energy through the food chain from its source: producers. Experiment with cups and beans to see this process in action. Next, try a similar experiment to see how energy used by plants is transferred to their consumers. Lastly, round out your understanding of the Trophic Pyramid by visually examine where the energy goes when an organism dies.

For these project, you will need:

Alongside this…

In STEM Maker Club, Joyce tells us what’s the matter with Matter! Let’s get molecular by engaging in experiments exploring the four states of matter, kinetic energy, and water cycles.

First, using a classic summer treat to view the characteristics of gas, liquid, and solid. Next, Learn about how temperature measures kinetic energy by making your own homemade thermometer. Explore how matter changes from one state to another with the addition or subtraction of energy and how temperature can measure kinetic energy. Lastly, create your own self-sustaining biome that recycles water and nutrients to grow a plant.

For these experiments, you will need:


Dive into the world of musical theatre and learn the elements of your favourite musicals like Hamilton, Oklahoma, or A Chorus Line. In Music 101, Gooroo Brooke T. teaches us the history and important components of Musical Theatre. 

First, explore the three crucial elements that make up musical theatre including libretto, music, and lyrics, and get inspired to write your own show. Then, dive into the rich history of musical theatre, and how we got to where we are today. Lastly, investigate the importance of story, drama, collaboration, the integration of a “book”, and the experience of musical theatre as a whole.\

You will need:

See you next week!

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